According to the Master Petar Deunov doing different types of exercises (physical, musical, respiratory etc.) is an essential means of one's physical, spiritual, and intellectual development. That's why he gives almost in each one of his lectures or talks at least one exercise which is appropriate to the subject as well as to the period the humanity is passing through. Provisionally they could be divided into: exercises to gain in health, exercises for spiritual development, exercises for mental development and exercises for will strengthening. A part of them are universal and the other part are appropriate to the Bulgarian's physical and spiritual characte- ristics.The task of everyone wishing to put them into practice is to find out these which are suitable to him.

  • Breathing
  • Exercises 21
  • Exercises 6
  • Exercises for joints
  • Exercises with the chakries
  • Exercises harmonozing theenergiesin the human body
  • About the sleep