"First thing for you as followers is to start with breathing"
The Master

About breathing
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About breathing
If you don’t breathe in a proper way then the digestion is not going correctly; if the digestion is not correct then the blood circulation is not going in a proper way; if the blood circulation is not going in a proper way then the thoughts and feelings are not correct. When a man is breathing in a straight up position then the brain is mostly influenced. Other way of breathing is in a position of staying, then the symphathic nervous system is influenced. One may lay down putting his hands under his back side of the head with opened palms. Then he connects himself with the Earth’s forces. The spine should be upright.The three ways have specific results. Breathing in should be conducted slowly and deeply. The holding back should be enforced gradually, in order to give body enough time for absorbing not only the oxygen but also the prana, which penetrates the air. Breathing out should be conducted quietly and slowly too. One should never hold back the air. The breathing should be conducted trough the nose. One have to count the heart as the pulse is beating. When breathing through one nostril the other nostril should be slightly closed by finger, but not to be pressed firmly. The breathing exercises should be done before eating or 2-3 hours after eating. It is good to do them in open ari. When breathing in, holding back the air and breathing out man has to keep good feelings and thoughts. When breathing in man should become conscious about the fact as the prana taken in penetrates the whole body, as it goes to all parts and systems of the body. When holding back the air he has to become conscious how this prana is absorbed by all cells of the body, by all body organs and how it brings in them power, health, life and renewal in all of them. When breathing our a man should become conscious how all cells, organs systems so saturated by life force are at full active and they manifested outside their activity of life forces, that they had been accepted. Mechanical holding back the air is not sufficient. First of all man has to associate the breathing with the solar plexus. The Solar plexus is a capital of the man and his genuine hearth is abiding there, in the pit of the stomach. On the left side of the breast is located the physical heart and the spiritual heart that regulates is the very plexus solaris. When we don’t handicap the plexus solaris then the breathing becomes in a proper way and we accept abundant Life. The Plexus solaris is the place where man is communicating with Sun or with the central place of Life. At first man has to connect this center to Sun, but not only to the visible one, but also to that Spiritual sun, that is raising in one rational world. There is one prana, that is absorbed through the left nostril and another one that is absorbed through the right one. Through the left nostril man accepts the magnetic flow, that is connected to the plexus solaris. It is called Sun flow. But through the right nostril man accepts the electrical flow that is called moon flow. The first has a connection with the heart and the second with the mind. When we want to develop more the heart,we breath in more with the left nostril and we breath out through the right one. And when we want to develop more the mind, then we breath in through the right nostril and breath out through the left one. So we establish a balance between the mind and heart and also between the electricity and magnetism. When we change the breathing alternatively through left and right nostril, we balance the both flows. When we breath out the air by whisling, it is a gymnastic for the lungs; for their strengthening, and when we breathe out with wind, it purifies the nervous system. As you get in a quarrel and in a stress, that means you are not breathing deeply. When you are not in a good mood, uneasy make the breathing exercises. Breathe deeply, keeping the air up to 100 counts. If you have a stomach ache then make for times daily at 6 breathing exercises and it will pass. Those of you who have a wrinkled faces, as they start breathing deeply then after 3 or 4 months the wrinkles will be stretched out. Breathing exercises
Breathing in - 16 times, Keeping the air in- 16 times Breathing our 32 pieces. You have to make that 3 time daily – in the mornings, at noon and in the evenings. Do it 2-3 months, keeping the number of breathings unchanged . Breathe in slowly and deeply keeping the air in as long as you can.- Breathe out as slowly as you can. Gradually increase the time of keeping the air in – a minute, minute and a half, two etc. This exercise is to increase your capability to keep the air in. Breathing in 10 seconds Keeping the air in – 10 seconds Breathing out – 10 seconds During that time your mind should be occupied by elevated thoughts. To be done in the mornings, at noon and in the evenings of 10 minutes. Breathing in through the left nostril 4 times Keeping the air in 16 times Breathing out through the right nostril 8 times The same is done through the right nostril during the breathing in and breathing out is done through the left nostril. It is done in the mornings, at noon and in the evenings of 10 times. Breathing in through left nostril 7 times Keeping the air in 10 times Breathing our through the right nostril 9 times This is to be done in the mornings and in the evenings 6 times. At the morning exercises the breathing in is through left nostril, and at the evenings through the right one. -Breathing through the left nostril -Breathing out through the right nostril five times. After that the opposite – breathing in through the right and breathing our through the left nostril 5 times. -Breathing 8 times Keeping the air 10 Breathing out 12 times Every day increase the breathing in by one piece but the keeping the air in and the breathing out by two pieces. This exercise should be done in the mornings, at noon and in the evenings. - breathing, keeping the air in and breathing out – 6 pieces three times, after breathing keeping the air in and breathing out – 10 pieces three times. Breathing exercises conveyed by formulas
One have to take air through the left nostril and have to say in his mind: "Only God’s Love is Love!". The air is kept for a certain time and it is breathing our through the right nostril, while he have to pronounce in his mind the same formula. This exercise should be done of 10 pieces in the mornings, at noon and in the evenings. Breathing through the left nostril while pronouncing in his mind the words: "Let the Gods name be glorified in my personality"; While keeping the air in to pronounce in mind the words: "Let the Gods Kingdom come and the Gods Rightness in my creature". While breathing out:" Let it be God’s will". It is t be done during the five minutes. The body straighten up, The breathing in and breathing our are slow and prolonged. Keeping the air lasts as much as possible and the time is increased gradually. During the breathing in: "Thank You My Lord, that I accept the clean air you put Your Life in" During the keeping the air in: "I am glad I can thind about Your presence". During the breathing out: "Let me annunciate Your Word". During breathing in: "My Lord, thank You, for the possibility to accept Your Love together with the air". During the keeping the air in: " Mr Lord,Your Love illuminates me and penetrates my body, mind, heart, soul and spirit". During the breathing out: " I manifest Your Love in my life. I send in the world the light of Your Love". During the breathing in: "Power, life, health" – three times. During the keeping the air in: " Power, life, health" – three times During the breathing out: "Power, life, health" – three times.

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