Exercises harmonizing the energies in the human body

Throw open your arms sideways. Keep them still in this posture for 5 minutes concentrating your thought upon that.
After that throw open your left hand sideways and start moving your right hand along it, beginning from the left hand fingers, coming to its shoulder, passing under the chin, spreading it sideways and then ahead and down. Do the same circular movement along the right arm. It is spread sideways and the left arm is moving along it. Repeat these exercises several times with both arms, faster in the beginning and gradually slowing in the end.
This exercise is necessary to help the energies in our body to polarize themselves regularly.

Throw open your left arm straight ahead. Move slowly your right hand along the left arm, beginning from the shoulder and coming to the fingers and then back from the fingers upwards to the shoulder. Throw open your right arm straight ahead. Move slowly your left hand along the right arm, beginning from the shoulder to the fingers and back.
Repeat the exercise several times with the left arm and several times with the right one.

*** Spread your right arm sideways. Move your wrest upwards and downwards, at first slowly, then faster and then slowly again. Leave your right arm hang freely. Do the same thing with the right arm and then with both arms together.
Take a rest.
Throw open your arms parallel with each other and ahead. Stretch them gradually sideways with a trembling movement of the wrests. Then move them back, trembling again. Repeat the exercise several times. Spread your hands parallel to each other and ahead. Raise them slowly on both sides of your head and above it and then slowly lower them ahead. /seven times/. Your arms are parallel to each other and ahead raise them upwards and above your head and then lower them ahead on both sides of your head /once/. Repeat the first movement 4 times. Hold the arms parallel ahead and make a trembling movement with the wrests gradually accelerating and then slowing it down.
Let your arms hang down near your body.
You feel indisposed then stir your arms for a moment, thus you will attract the magnetic force and it will help you to transform your condition.

Exercise when you are in a bad, in a hard condition, disbalance between thoughts and emotions. Put the palms of your hands one in front of the other, the tips of your fingers touching each other. Slide your left hand along the palm of your right hand to the end of the wrest, then put it in a perpendicular position towards the right hand without iterrupting the movement. Put your right hand over the left one /both hands are in a horizontal position/. Now move slowly the right hand, touching the left one to the end of the medium finger. At last both hands are put together with palms facing each other as in the beginning of the exercise. Do the same exercise with the right hand.

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