Exercises 6

1.Exercise: For the regulation of the front centers of the brain
Extend both arms horizontally to the sides, raise right arm at an angle of 45 degree, the left arm comes down also at 45 degree angle, or both arms form straight line. In that position squat slowly 6 times.
Doing the exercise, direct your thought towards the front area of the brain.

2. Exercise: for regulation of the feelings.
Just as the first one, but the left hand is raised sidewise at 45 degree angle, while the right one is kept downward at the same angle.
Do the exercise 6 times again and direct your thought to the heart.

3.exercise: for the column
Both arms backward, palms turned to each other. Squat and move the arms as if rowing forward. Do it 6 times slowly.

4.Exercise: for regulation of stomach
Lift left hand upward and to the east, right hand remains down at the side. Start to do movements as if you swim with both arms, turning the upper part of the body around the waist. Concentrate your mind to the stomach. Repeat the exercise 6 times.

5.Exercise: for regulation of the nervous system
Put the hands on the waist. The left foot takes the weight of the body, the right is in the air, extended, doing slowly semi-circular movements from the east to the west 6 times.
Then the right foot steps on the ground and the weight of the body shifts on it, and the left foot does semi-circular movements , again 6 times.

6.Exercise magnetic undressing and dressing.
Raise the arms sideways horizontally on the shoulders level, then slowly move them up until the fingers of both hands touch each other above the head. Extend your body on the toes, then slowly squat, the arms go down sideways.

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