About the sleep

All day long your body is active and during the intense activity of the organs a destruction of their matter is operated, and certain poisonous substances are formed. During the daytime the formation of poisonous substances is stronger than their excretion and that is why, in the evening, after work, they are the cause of weariness.
During the sleep our body rests and then the organs can get free from the poisonous substances faster than in the daytime. These poisons are excreted through the kidneys, the skin and through the lungs. When one is asleep he should have a small quantity of food in his stomach and his had should be turned to the north or at least to the east.
Moreover, during the sleep our “ego”, together with the mental and the astral body, get out of our physical body, and over the bed stay laying only our physical and etheric body. In the day, due to our negative thoughts and emotions, the cosmic rhythm of our body is disturbed but when the above mentioned bodies get out, our physical and eteric bodies get in contact with the cosmos and work to restore the disturbed cosmic rhythm. In the evening one gets out of his body but there is a thread that holds him; if the thread is torn he cannot get back. During the sleep, when one's consciousness is outside, some lower beings or influences can penetrate his physical body and injure him.
That is why before going to bed one has to enclose himself to protect his physical body when sleeping and to prevent it to fall under different influences.
You have to enclose yourself always before going to sleep; do the same before doing whatever else. You can enclose yourself with a prayer. When you go to bed you may say: “My Lord, I am going upwards to study, to pray, to work. During this time enclose my body with Your Strenth and Light and protect it from all kinds of bad influences.
When your consciousness goes upwards during your sleep it must be awaken. To this purpose you may say before you go to bed: “I want to be conscious and awaken when I go in the Spiritual World and to work there conscientiously, to study and to meet the Advanced Beings”.
You can also enclose yourself by drawing mentally bright circles around yourself and by saying meanwhile the following formulae:
Look at first for the Kingdom of God and for His Justice and everything else will be supplemented to you.
God came to love the world so much that He gave His Only Son so that no one who believed in Him would die but would have the eternal life.
And that is eternal life – to know You, the Only True God and Jesus Christ, whom you sent. When you go to sleep as you have to – with an awaken consciousness and without anxiety, you will feel inside yourself a rumbling and this might frighten you. This means that the chakries are turning round and you are going out of your body and are entering a new world. This rumbling will continue for 5 minutes. Then you will feel that you are in a world where you can easily see. Do your best for your sleep to be calm, serene and pleasant. Try to intensify the clear visions because they are now loose and vague. There are dreams that don't foretell anything – they are due either to an overloaded stomach or to bad thoughts and anxiety during the day. But there are dreams that foretell what will happen in the real life, they contain real events.
There are rectilinear and curvilinear dreams. In the rectilinear dreams one dreams things that will happen just as he has dreamed them. And in the curvilinear dreams you dream things that will happen in an allegoric, a symbolic form.
You dream, for example, that somebody's house goes to ruin; that means that this man's health is in danger. “The house”, that is the human body.

As disciples of the occult school you have to observe the sleep rule. At present you need 7 hours of sleep. Even 5 hours could meet your need but under condition that you will sleep without waking up or turning from one side to the other. It is most healthy for one to go to bed at 10 o'clock in the evening, but it could not be taken as a rule. If one has an especially important work he can go to bed at 11 or 12 o'clock, but he has to fall asleep in 5-10 minutes. When somebody stays working after 10 o'clock in the evening his sleep is lost. It will not reappear before 12 o'clock in the night. And then one has to go to bed immediately in order not to spoil his sleep. The earlier one goes to bed, the better for him. Why? Those who go to bed early absorb all the accumulated prana. Those who go to bed late get to sleep with difficulty because there is no more available the necessary quantity of prana for their system. They have to wait for a while to wake up those who are already asleep and then they will go to sleep.
Consequently, if you can get used to go to bed early, you will be able to provide your system with the necessary quantity of prana. Do not go to bed later than 12 o'clock. If you feel tired have dinner early and go to bed at 8 o'clock at the latest to provide more energy, which your system needs. If you have energy in store you can go to bed later. The favourable time for going to bed is at 8,10 or 12 o'clock. RULE
When you wake up in the morning do not hurry to open your eyes at once. Let them close for a while until you are perfectly calm. Do not give way to sleep. Right after opening your eyes, look for a beautiful image and rest your gaze on it. When you turn on the lamp take care to accommodate gradually your eyes to the light. The soft, agrreable light is good for your eyes. It operates a good influence over one's nevous system. It is correct, before opening your eyes, to direct your thoughts towards God. Then begin working.

With the right hand fingers take and caress three times the left hand thumb, saying each time the formula:
“My Lord, wake me up tomorrow at 5 o'clock in the morning”.
Caress the other fingers too, repeating the same formula - three times. Then with the left hand take and caress three times the right hand thumb, repeating each time the same formula.
Continue in the same way with the other fingers.
You can choose another time to wake up.
When you wake up you have to get up immediately because you could fall asleep for another 3-4 hours.

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