Health as a basis for physical and spiritual harmony of every man is one of the most important subjects in the lectures and talks of the Master Petar Danov. According to him it means "a conscious, organized life in conformity with the universal and natural laws". Health depends on four essential qualities which everyone has to possess: these are strength of spirit, kindness of soul, light of mind and tender-heartedness. They are the result of: faith, will, thought, movement, respiration, nutrition, attitude toward music, meditation etc.
Reading and putting into practice the Master's recommendations many people would solve their health problems and even better - they wouldn't admit to have such problems.

  • Exercises for eyes
  • Causes for the ailments
  • Activities with the colours
  • Nervous system strenthening
  • Pineal gland
  • The cells. An exercise to rejuvenate you.
  • The significance of the Sun. Sunrays' cure.

  • Cancer treatment