Pineal gland

There is a centre in the brain connected with the pineal gland which is feeded only by bright and noble images and pictures that one can contemplate either in Nature or when he creates them in his imagination. From this centre with the help of the etheric body the essence of Beauty is transmitted to one's soul and it feeds on Beauty and grows. Each beuatiful image as well as each colour emanates a scent, a specific fragrance that is absorbed by this centre and feed up our soul. Thus the Cosmic consciousness and intuition in man are gradually developed. And intuition is related to the development of the Causal body. If there is coordination between the brain and the sympathetic nervous system the intuition is awake and one can perceive the Truth. Beautiful and harmonious images and thoughts support this kind of coordination. That's why we must not allow negative thoughts and emotions to trouble this coordination and to impede the development of the Spiritual body and its organs.
One must not worry or be anxious because it would disturb this coordination and he will loose his gifts and will paralyse the development of the spiritual organs. That's why one must have self-possession but he must not be imperturbable and indifferent to the sorrows and sufferings of people.

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