Causes for the ailments

There are two causes that produce ailments and sufferings: one of them is physical wrong nutrition and respiration; the other is psychical wrong thinking and sentiments.
Many of the ailments are caused by emotional disorders; many of the ailments are caused by mental disorders. When the ailments are caused by mental disorders they damage the muscular system and the lung. When they are mostly of emotional character, they damage the heart, the liver, the respiratory system and the blood vessels.
One's thoughts penetrate the intermolecular spaces of the brain nervous system, and one's feelings penetrate the intermolecular spaces of his sympathetic system. If one does not allow his thought to realize itself, it would provoke an explosion in his brain nervous system. And if one restrains some of his emotions, it would provoke an explosion in his sympathetic system.
The discordant thoughts shatter the brain nervous system, the discordant emotions shatter the sympathetic system and the discordant acts disorganize the muscular and the osseous systems. Each distressing state appears as the result of two contrary thoughts, two contrary feelings or two contrary volitional acts opposed one to another.
All ailments in the world, such as rheumatism, sciatica, headache and s.o., are the result of restrained emotions. Give effect to Love. Don't restrain it, don't stop it.
Each suppressing of the feelings provokes a certain irregularity in the heart functions and in consequence the pulse is changed.
There is no poison more virulent than one's negative thoughts, feelings and conditions. Fear, hatred, suspicion and doubt are such poisons. They represent sediments that are deposited in the blood and envenom it.
The negative thoughts of doubt and un belief have an un healthy effect over all one's system over one's brain, lungs and liver, over one's heart and his entire vitality, and hence one's nervous system is completely exhausted and failing.
Love has to walk in as to balance one's heart and mind. And the Divine thought has to come. Examples of conditions showing discordance between heart and mind indisposition, irritability, discouragement, fear, anxiety, uneasiness, discontent, hatred, etc. Then the respiratory function, the liver function, the digestion and blood circulation are disturbed.
When one worries too much the anxiety provokes first of all a digestive system trouble and in consequence the trouble is transmitted to the lungs, then to the brain and then to the optic nerve. When the optic nerve weakens one's sight is gradually failing.
The digestion, besides an organic process, is also a physical one. It has been observed that the positive thoughts and feelings are beneficial to the digestive system, and the negative one's are unfavourable to it. The gluttony and one's greediness for pleasures disturb the digestive system. When the stomach does not function well, the brain system is also disorganized.
In nature the energy comes from two main sources: from the centre of the Sun and from the centre of the Earth. The prevailing one is coming from the centre of the Sun. When mostly the head gets the sun energy the brain becomes quite active. When mostly the stomach absorbs this energy, then it becomes quite active. In consequence the brain becomes unmagnetized, then weakens and a headache appears. That's why the superfluous energy from the stomach has to be transmitted somehow back to the brain. To repartition the energy uniformly to all parts of his body, one has to do some occult gymnastic exercices.
Each pain is due to accumulation of superfluous energy at a determinate part of the body. The accumulation of such energy provokes a certain tension of the nervous system. To relieve the pain one must disperse this energy. This can be achieved by making gymnastic and respiratory exercices. As soon as the energy is dispersed, the blood begins to circulate regularly in the whole human constitution and the sick man's condition improves.
When you can't easilly fall asleep the cause is the superfluous energy in your brain. To discharge yourself of it you have to do such exercices that can direct this energy to the other parts of your body. By concentrating your thought on the nose tip for 5 minutes, or by washing your feet with warm water you can make a part of the blood go down.
One of the causes for the ailments is the accumulation of some kind of energy at some parts of the body more than it is necessary. For example, the headache is due to an excess of nervous energy in the head; the indigestion is due to an excess of energy at some part of the stomach.
Each negative word has an injurious influence on the liver. When the liver function gets disturbed, the nervous system gets disturbed too, as well as the digestion. If you want to be healthy you have to use only good, positive words.
It was noted that the moon in its phases of full moon and new moon has a very strong influence over some people. When the moon is full they feel nervous and can't sleep well and as soon as it is new they calm down.
The uneasiness with some people is due to the accumulation of superfluous energy in their bodies, which influences their brain, lungs and liver as well as their stomach.
The only way for one to save him from the microbes is to have pure blood. When one's blood is absolutely pure, without any organic deposits, he resists all the microbes. Even when they penetrate in the blood, they have no favourable conditions to multiply.
Which is the cause for the ailments? The impur air, the impur water and the bad food. Whoever wants to be in good health should breathe pur air, drink pur water and eat pur food easy to digest, and he must never overeat.
When one gets angry, irritated or excited, the gall does not function well and as a result different troubles of the human system appear. To transform one's feelings and to assimilate regularly the bile of the gall one has to eat foods that are pleasant for him mainly fruits.
When one's mental activity increases, the activity of the physical body weakens. That is the cause for most people to be nowadays very nervous. In order not to disturb one's nervous system a part of the mental forces have to be transfused into the heart.
Even nowadays one does not know to walk correctly. When walking man shakes all his body and in consequence a concussion of the spinal cord is provoked. This concussionis transmitted to the brain and thence to the whole nervous system. And after all that people are wondering why they are nervous. The lack of water in the system makes one nervous and dull. He becomes easily irritable, sharp and ready to be cross and to quarrel with everybody.
What kind of illness the cancer is and what is it due to? The causes for the cancer lie in the opposition of the emotions.
Very often people fall ill with cancer because of their greediness for money and wealth. Some of their uds' cells get individualized, become independent and do not obey to their master.
When one's thought is penetrated by anxious or negative emotions, his sight fails. This kind of emotions provokes a hardening of the nerves and in consequence they loose their elasticity. Two main causes may provoke a failing of the sight: anxiety and uncorrect thoughts.
The cause for all kinds of stomach ulcers is hidden in lie. Lie changes the blood and system tissues chemical composition. When one lies he begins to fear and this fear provokes a narrowing of the blood vessels, as well as of the tissues.
The cause for the cold in the head is the weak breathing. Whoever falls ill with cold in the head must know that there is some irregularity in his breathing the latter is not rhythmical and as a result he can not inspire enough air.
When one's limbs get cold, it is due to impure blood in the system. The impure blood produces electricity in the system, and the pure blood produces magnetism. The electricity provokes cold, and the magnetism provokes warmth.

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