Activities with the colours

I. Significance of the colours
The colour influence depends on their vibrations and on the octave to which they belong. The more fine and pure the medium they cross, the more clear and bright they are; and the result of their influence is better in organic, as well as in psychical respect. That is why their manifestation in different media is different and thence their significance is different. The colours possess a higher and a lower manifestation and it depends on you which colour you wil attract in your aura – the higher or the lower one. The Master says: “When one has elevated ideas in his life, when he wants to live for God, then he attracts the higher colours and they operate a beneficial influence over his development”.
For example under the influence of red colour one is penetrated by the Divine life, but if he is selfish and serves only his own purpuses, the Divine life that red colour brings cannot pass through him. Selfishness is the greatest barrier to the manifestation of the Divine life in man. There lies the key to the cure with colour rays and their use as an instrument for spiritual development. If one tries to cure himself with the help of colours without creating from the inside the favourable conditions to attract higher colours which are the only ones to have a healing effect, he would not acquire any important results.
First of all he has to predispose his spirit so as to become a good vehicle for the higher vibrations of colour rays and to be able to work beneficially with them; the same law is operating with the assimilation and processing of sun energy in the organic world.
Here are some essential qualities of colours:
Red colour brings consolatin, vigour, victory, and the strenth to get over difficulties. Red colour is the manifestation of a higher world. It is the emblem of life in its initial manifestation, which has its origin in love. That's why red colour always brings invigorating forces. In its pure realization it is so beautiful and delicate that one could acquire the intensive vibrations of higher life only if he touches it. But as red colour descends gradually from one octave to another it becomes harsher. In the material world it operates an irritating effect over people. In a physical field red colour brings energy but it strenthens the combative and destructive instincts. That's why all beings that in one way or another have accumulated in their system red light in its lowest manifestation, are extremely active and rough.
Pure orange colour produces a noble individualization of people, uplift of their spirits and an impulse for manifestation. Impure orange colour feeds up vanity, complacency and selfishness.
Pure yellow colour brings inner equilibrium of thoughts and emotions. It produces peace, silence and calm. It contributes to the development of intelligence and mental capacity. If yellow colour is assimilated in an impure state it produces peccant bodily conditions. Mental balance is disturbed. Personal emotions grow more intense (for example pride).
Green colour brings growth, development, abundance, prosperity, calm, hope, peace and fertility. But if it is assimilated in its impure state and if it gets the upper hand over the other colours it operates a bad influence over man, it awakens one's avidity, one's greed for propriety and material ease.
Bright blue colour in its higher vibrations brings spiritual uplift and deepening of emotions. It awakens one's most elevated emotions, elates one's idealism and faith.
Dark blue colour in its pure realization produces tenacity, resolution and stability. In its impure state it brings inconsistency.
Purple colour brings strenth, kindness, good conduct, respect, generosity, magnanimity, charity and might. In its impure realization it leads to pusillanimity.
Lilac colour brings salvation, kindness, perfection, sanctity, worship, humbleness and seclusion. Diamond colour produces thoroughness, purity and perfection.
White colour brings purity and sincerity. With its help one shows his willingness to serve God without any external rules and methods.
To be able to use colours better in our spiritual activity, we need to know that each one of them corresponds to a determinate day, to a planet, to an hour, to a tone, to a number.

Colour Day Planet Tone Number
Red Tuesday Mars C 9
Orange Sunday Sun D 1
Yellow Wednesday Mercury E 5
Green Monday Moon F 2
Bright Friday Venus G 6
Dark blue Thursday Jupiter A 3
Purple Saturday Saturn B 7

The planet hours are determined on the following way:
Each day is under the influence of a planet. The first hour of the day begins with the sunrise and belongs to this planet that governs over the corresponding day. For example, if it is Sunday and the sun rises at 6 o'clock and the day is 12 hours long, the period from 6 to 7 o'clock will be under the influence of Sun;
7 to 8 o'clock will be under the influence of Mars;
8 to 9 – Jupiter;
9 to 10 – Saturn;
10 to 11 – Moon;
11 to 12 – Mercury;
12 to 13 – Venus;
13 to 14 – under the influence of Sun again and s.o.

Order of the planets:
Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.
The planetary hours are not equal to the ordinary ones, they depend on the duration of the day. The day begins with the sunrise and continues to the sunset. This time is divided into 12 equal parts, each part representing a planetary hour.

II. Treatment with colours
Each complaint can be treated with light – red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple – the light is chosen according to the complaint.

Take a prism, put it in a place well lighted by the sun so that when you stand at a distance of 3-4 metres from it, the rainbow formed by the sunrays passing through it to get in your eyes. Then concentrate on the desired colour.

Here are some complaints and the colours they are treated with:
Anaemia – red
Indigestion – green
Disordered nervous system – light blue
Neurasthenia, hyperaesthesia – souse with blue light rays one's head, chest and stomach each morning
To help mental development – yellow
To help physical growth – green
Against fear – orange
To keep calm – blue
Against discouragement – yellow
To strenthen faith – blue
To acquire strenth – purple
Against indisposition – pink

III. Exercises with colours

1. To be healthy every day after the sunrise souse yourself with the colour which corresponds to the day and the hour.
2. Do an exercise with inspirations and exhalations during which try to assimilate mentally white colour. It must descend over you as a shower. The inspirations must be rhythmical and accompanied by movements of the right arm.
Count to 4. Move up your right arm and start the exercise. During the first count breathe in and move down your arm from A to B. During the second count breathe out and move your arm to the left from B to C. During the third count breathe in and move your arm to the right from C to D. During the fourth count breathe out and move up your arm from D to A. This movements trace the form of human foot.

3. Let two of you take two glass prisms and at a certain hour of the day each of you to place at home the prism in such a position as to obtain the sun spectrum. Then you have to remember well the obtained colours, their intensity and the width of the field. When you have remembered them well, lets one of you concentrate his thought strongly on one of the colours. The other has to do the same thing. After a moment of observation lets each of you determine if there was a certain change with some of the spectrum colours. If both of them possess keenness of observation they will perceive some change in this spectrum colour on which each of them has concentrated his thought. The stronger the thought has been, the greater the change will be. It shows that some intelligence has been operating over it. This experiment will show you how light emanated by reasonable beings operates.

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