The cells. An exercise to rejuvenate you.

I am saying that the task of a disciple is to rejuvenate all the cells of his system, not only a part of them. For that purpose he has to learn speaking to his cells. Every day before to start his daily work, the disciple has to greet the cells of his body, beginning from the cells of the brain, of the eyes, of the nose, of the ears and descending gradually downwards. Then he must greet the cells of his lungs, of his heart and his stomac, of the intestines and finally he has to greet himself and then he can begin his work. By saying “himself” I understand his internal guide. Only this way could one expect unity and concerted work between all cells of the human body. Not knowing this attitude, this behavior toward his body's cells, one is going up and down all day long and his work is not effective. He says: “I don't know what to do, I don't want to live!”. He doesn't want to live because he has not accomplished a very important obligation towards his system. Consequently, he is walking among the goods of life but he can not see them and he can not use them.

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  • The cells. An exercise to rejuvenate you