Cancer treatment

This illness appears when disharmony between the brain and sympathetic nervous system occurs. In that case, some body cells individualize and begin to multiply not according to the organismís needs and goals.
The following methods for treatment have to be applied:

1. Sun bathing (See: )

2. Violet color has healing effect for the cancer. Thatís why one needs to have violet objects in her/his room (for instance, curtains). It is good to have violet cloths, scarf (shawl) and also jewelry.

3. Every day the person has to imagine that she/he is staying in a shower of violet light.

4. Every day it is necessary to eat fresh (row) onion. One who eats it avoids the cancer, and if she /he already has cancer then eating onion will cure it.

5. Recovering the harmony between the brain and the sympathetic nervous system. The main way for removing the disharmony between mind and heart, or between the brain and the sympathetic nervous system is Love to God, Love to everyone, faith, hope, right thoughts and feelings. Full transformation has to manifest in the patient. She/He has to change completely, to change the direction of life, to turn to God. Then healing is possible.

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