Since the remote past the Balkans have been a center of spiritual life. Millenniums before Christ when a great part of mankind lived in a profound ignorance, in that region of the world a bright light broke out, which pointed at a new way of development for mankind. In the sacred bosom of the Rila and the Rhodope mountains a mystical center has been created - the Orphean school. That representative of mankind's brightest geniuses was born and brought up in Thrace, close to its majestic and virgin nature. He was a great man of wisdom, initiated into the mysteries of Egypt, mastering the supreme knowledge and the magic laws of music. Orpheus created a mystical tradition, a mystical school which became the center of a new culture and gave a new impetus to the white race. The Ancient Greek considered Thrace (the Southern part of Bulgaria) as a country of light and fatherland of the muses. It's right there, close to the high Rila and Rhodope summits, where was situated the sanctuary of Orpheus and where were taught Sacred Art, poetry, music, and where were proclaimed the great laws of life.
Later on the Balkans became for the second time the seat of cultural radiance. More than thousand years ago Bulgaria gave rise to a movement with international importance - the Bogomil movement. Its followers were bearers of the real Christ's doctrine. They proclaimed the simple, pure and saintly life, based on love, fraternity and equality among people. The Bogomils were bearers of new ideas with international significance. Their movement had not only spiritual character, it also fought for considerable social reforms in the dark period of the Middle Ages. In the beginning of the 20th Century a long cycle of a number of cultures in descent and alienation from the Great Center of Reason came to an end. This cycle had attained its utmost point and had to make a turn, to give a twist to the wheel of life and to start along the new way upwards - toward the great source of harmony. It's in such important moment that Petar Danov the Master came amongst Bulgarian people. He brought the necessary working methods, which would help to walk the way and to build up the new culture. Bulgaria became once again the source of a doctrine with international significance - the doctrine of Love. Nowadays Love entered as a new power in human souls. So far it manifested itself occasionally, now it has to become a guiding principle. Love will organize one's inner and outer life and will create new types of relationships of fraternity and unity.
About two thousand years ago Jesus Christ said:
"In those days the moon will become dark, the sun won't pour its light and the stars will fall down".
Nowadays mankind is passing through the fire of sufferings, which represent an initiation, a preparation to understand the Truth. Our contemporaries are thirsty for Wisdom and Love. They have within their reach a source of crystal purity, a source of ideas - Petar Danov's doctrine. They can bend over and drink or pass by cursing or cooking up excuses.
God gave us free choice, but he will take us to task also. And he will be most strict with Bulgarian people because our most important spiritual task is to spread the new ideas over the world.

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