Seven Conversations with the Spirit

In his spiritual seclusion, Peter Deunov was always open for the messages of the Spirit. The failed attempt to bring all disciples together in April did not break his faith. Waiting confidently for the time for action to arrive, he was given a sign that God was steadily with him. From the 25th of June to the 9th of July he received seven messages containing advice and instructions for his forthcoming spiritual mission. They marked another step towards the new understanding of life that he was to impart. These messages he called "Seven conversations with the Spirit."

From "First Conversation ":
"I should also announce to you that in your soul God is preparing a grand transformation given only to His sons. Your soul will soon look with new eyes at the world and at everything around you."

From "Second Conversation ": "This is why I am here, to speak to you of the Truth so that you may comprehend it and always have it as a guide in your life." "There, I will work for you with My Spirit that is incomprehensible to the world. His Force will be in My Word, and My Blessing in My Grace. Now, engrave My words in your heart and do not negotiate on the future. Engrave them and watch them come alive, for man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the LORD doth man live."

From "Third Conversation ":
"There, I am the One Who gives life to the Word of God and to every heart that embraces it. The True One Who speaks and reveals to you the secrets of the Kingdom of God for you to grasp. I am with you everywhere, protecting you in everything, and I give you my blessing to grow and perfect your knowledge of My Word."

From "Fourth Conversation":
"It is necessary that you be born in God and in His Spirit. This is why I am here to do this act in your soul, as ordained by God Who with His eternal judgement decided to do you this good, invest you with eternal life and take you to His Kingdom as a Son of Truth destined to serve Him. You will serve Him with the guidance of the Spirit Who speaks to you through Me and Who works in your heart to bring about the embodiment of God in you."

From "Fifth Conversation ":
"In your life, as I told you before, a grand transformation is to take place, like I said in the previous conversation. You cannot progress any further without this internal conversion."

From "Sixth Conversation":
"Keep in your heart what I have told you, for time will confirm my words and the truth I gave you from my heart because I am the True One, now and forever. There, you will see with your own eyes the internal renewal in your soul."

From "Seventh Conversation":
"This people has a conversion to undergo. Transformations are to take place in the rule that God will soon install. A power is to pass through this country, a man who will come from God to proclaim the Truth. There will be Authority and Power in his words. His face will shine like an angel's, and divine flames will glow in his eyes. Our days announce the future." "Great events are to take place in this world before My return, but I will always be down here until the appointed time arrives."
On the 10th of July, two days after the last Conversation, Peter Deunov described this event in detail in a letter to Penyu Kirov. The letter reflects the amazing course of events in his Spirit-guided life.

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