Principles of the New Teaching

The main principles of the new Teaching are Love, Wisdom, Truth, Equity, and Virtue. As supreme cosmic forces, they operate in every mind. Even if this process is unconscious, it is most important for the individual. In order to adopt these five principles as the basis of your life, you need to develop those brain centres that are responsible for their implementation. Once you have evolved a highly ethical value system, you will find the meaning of your life and you will realize that perfection is its only purpose. The five principles are graphically represented in the Pentagram, the symbol of human development, of the man who walks the path of self-perfection.

"The entire universe, the physical world as a whole are materialized love. Love comprises all conditions, all methods, all possibilities for the development of the human soul towards perfection. It is the collective manifestation of all intelligent beings who have completed their evolution and have become one with God. In man, Love is an aspiration of the heart, a deep-felt emotion, a mental power and a spiritual principle. Love is now being established as a principle in the world."

"Wisdom is a world which, from times immemorial, has been the abode of everything created by God, by the sublime spirits and by man on earth. It is the never-dying light of boundless space. It was through Wisdom that God created the Universe. The path of Wisdom is the most difficult of all paths. It is the path of the Masters. Once the light of Wisdom shines in your soul, everything in your mind goes to its proper place. All ideas become clear and distinct and harmony sets in."

"Truth is the most supreme part of man. Through you, he can transcend the limits of death-dependent temporary life and enjoy eternal freedom. It is a world of indescribable beauty where everything is strictly defined. Truth tolerates no ignorance, weakness or impurity. He who wants to be perfect should go to the Truth. Truth converses with the suns, its purpose is sublime and distant. Where Truth is, there is clarity. The world is engendered by it. It is the beginning and the end of all things, the manifestation of the One God Who created the conditions for the development of the human spirit and soul, for the search of better life and more light in this immense world."

"Equity is an important internal process of distribution of the gifts of God. It determines the relations between human souls. In order to reach perfection, a person must make Divine Equity the first step of his life. It is the basis on which Love manifests. Equity is the physical aspect of Love. Without it, there can be no growth. Only when the principle of Equity is observed, the due respect among humans will be established."

"Virtue is the foundation of life. It is an ongoing creative process. True virtue is the bearer of life, light and freedom. It is a basic connection in life. Without it, it is impossible to acquire knowledge. Virtue is a prerequisite for human perfection and a path towards Divine Love."

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