The Meaning of Life

According to Peter Deunov, the meaning of life is in the life of the Whole. This was the guidance he gave to his disciples, and his own life was an example of that purpose. A person cannot be happy without understanding his life in the context of the Whole. It is everyone's personal task to grasp what is most important for his life and do it. The meaning of every individual life is in the individual's spiritual plan. He has to feel it inside and follow it with patience and perseverance, and his life will be full of joy and happiness.
"Life has a meaning inasmuch as one contributes to the Whole. The path to which I wish to introduce you is one of the easiest; it is a path any of you can take to build his life. You will thus have a good life and good circumstances. By working for the Whole, one benefits from its energies.
If a person is not aware of the deep meaning of life, he loses the credit of the noetic beings that bring Divine life and knowledge. One must know the meaning of life. It is much superior to what he believes. The purpose of life is the perfection of the human soul. There are about a hundred million suns in the universe. Around each sun, there are 12 planets. A human being must travel them all and spend a hundred million years on each sun and planet. Only then will he know the innermost meaning of life. From lovelessness to love, from death to life, from evil to good, from faithlessness to faith: this is the meaning of Life."

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