A Call to My Bulgarian People...

On the 8lh of October 1898, Peter Deunov delivered to the Charity Society in Varna the lecture "A Call to My People, Bulgarian Sons of the Slavic Family". In it, he explained the most important things that the Bulgarians were to know about himself and about his mission:
"I have come from above on the command of God, your Heavenly Father, who has assigned me the mission of warning you to turn away from the evil path, and to preach to you the truth of life which comes from the heavenly dwellings of eternal light, a truth which will enlighten every mind, renew every heart, and uplift and refresh every spirit. You are the chosen children of truth who were preordained to form the seed of the new humanity of which Slavdom as a family, descendants of Judah, will become the hearth." "You are under my protection and it is my duty to lead you and test you in the word of Truth." "Now the time has arrived when the fate of this corrupted world will be decided, when Heaven is coming to make a radical turn, and soon, in the impending New Age, it will mark new pages on the face of earth." "The new generation whom the Lord of Power will uplift will carry out His intentions that are predestined to materialize." "In this pledge that I entrusted to you your future dwells, it is the testament of your home, hope and life for your kindred. Listen to me, House of Slavdom, and bear witness that I spoke to you." The Call ends with the words:

"I am Elohil, Angel of the Testament of God."

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