The Sublime Universal Brotherhood

"There is a magnificent universal organism of perfect, highly developed beings that form the Sublime Universal Brotherhood. These beings are infinitely more advanced even than the geniuses on earth, for they had their descent much earlier from the Primordial Humans. They have all walked a certain path of development under the guidance of the Divine Spirit, and have reached their present stage of advancement. This hierarchy of noetic beings who completed their evolution millions of years before the humans now govern the entire universe. According to their knowledge and stage of development, and according to their function, they are arranged in a hierarchy whose ranks are as follows: seraphims, brothers of love; cherubs, brothers of harmony; thrones, brothers of will; dominions, brothers of intelligence and joy; powers, brothers and movement and growth; principalities, brothers of outer forms and arts; rulers, brothers of time, state and tact; archangels, brothers of flame and heat; and angels, bearers of life and vegetation. The tenth order is for the advanced human souls. Collectively, these represent the Sublime Cosmic Man. The Sublime Universal Brotherhood is the only supreme community existing in the world today. Its members govern the development of mankind and guide it towards a fine future. They do not form a visible society or organisation; they are a living collective body, a noetic community outside the corrupted circumstances of human life. This is why it is ridiculous to claim that the seat of this brotherhood is here or there, in this nation or that."

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