Water. Exercise with hot water drinking

The elixir of life is warm water.
Hot water is the most powerful medicine on world.
Water helps to eliminate the toxins from one's system.
Hot water drunk in sips, purifies the nervous system from deposits that supress one's thoughts and emotions. It delivers one from the tension which tne nervous system operates on him.
To be healthy one must drink a determinate quantity of water, which is necessary on one hand to soften the food and on the other hand to lave the internal organs.
You have to drink water on an empty stomach, from 100 to 150 ml in small sips, you have to drink between half a liter and one liter of water, it will help you to draw food for your arteries.
Water that contains organic admixtures operates an injurious influence to health.
At least two times weekly one must provoke perspiration by drinking hot water in which he can squeeze out a few drops of lemon juice. When he has perspired a lot he has to mop up the sweat from his body with a damp towel and change his clothes. After that he has to drink half a cup or one more cup of hot water. It helps to deliver one's blood from the deposited lactic and uric acids.
To be healthy your blood must be absolutely pure. When the circulation of blood is improved the prana is regularly assimilated by the system.


I shall recommend you two things:
To drink hot water to purify your body and perspirate and to draw deep breaths.
From this day forward (from April 25th to July 4th) I set the following task for you for 10 weeks. Two times weekly you shall provoke perspiration by drinking hot water. You shall drink 4 to 5 cups of hot water with 10 drops of lemon juice in it until you sweat a lot. Then you shall wipe your body with a damp towel. After that you shall mop up the moist well and you shall change your clothes. Finally you shall drink one more cup of hot water to recover the warmth you lost during the perspiration. It is recommended to practise the perspiration exercise in the morning or in the evening before sunset or just before going to bed, at about 10 o'clock.

Lecture “The holly place”11, Lecture “Rules of hygiene”

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