Rules of alimentation

Everything that is unvaried is dangerous.

The uniformity in alimentation is dangerous too.

You must have your meals before the sunset in the evening and after the sunrise in the morning. The nourishing effect of food is in its quality not in its quantity.

You must eat the most wholesome foods and do never overeat.

Good foods are those ones that are easiest to digest and that leave the least possible amount of scraps. Never hurry up when eating.

Your food has to be always fresh.

Never eat either too hot or too cold food.

It would be good for one to listen to music when having meal. During meals he needs some merry music but not a lively one.

You must have your meals just in time, not at a fixed hour but when your system forces manifest themselves, i.e. when you feel an inward hunger.

Never have meal when you feel indisposed. You should eat only when you are hungry.

It is healthy to eat with good frame of mind, to feel pleasure when having meals.

Too much food exhausts one's system.

The more one eats the less he remembers. The stomach digests much but memory gets burdened and fails.

If one overloads his stomach undigested food stays in the stomach and in the intestines where it begins to decompose and forms toxic gases.

Never let an ill person to cook for you. When a woman cooks she should sing, then the food would be much more wholesome and tasty.

If you have a fruit, a pear for example, don't start eating it at once.

Wait for a moment, have a good look at it, think a bit about it. The beings that created the fruit gathered in it the sunrays and condensed sun energy in this fruit. Your task is to get out of the fruit this light and to absorb it in your body.

After you have eaten fruits never drink water, either cold or hot. Before having meal you can drink water but right after meals you are not allowed to.

Observing these rules you will be healthy, strong and energetic.

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