Wheat diet

The most suitable month to keep it is February, 2 or 3 days after the full moon. / If all the necessary conditions connected with the moon phase are on hand it might be also kept in the end of January /. During this period of the year the nature is still "asleep" and the prana is rather scarce compared to the period from March 22nd to September 22nd. Keeping this diet you can purify yourself spiritually and physically and prepare yourself to absorb and use the prana completely. It would be better to begin it on Wednesday in order to finish it and shift to normal food on Friday.


Divide 1kg. of wheat in 10 equal shares. Apportion for each day 100 gr. of wheat /it contains all the elements necessary to sustain life/, 3 apples /for the heart/, 9 walnuts /for the brain/, 6 to 8 cups of boiled water /spring but not mineral water/.


In the evening before you begin the wheat diet wash very well 100 gr. of wheat. Put it in a thermos flask keeping warmth well. Pour over 1,5 to 2,5 cups of boiling water /0,4 0,6 l/ and close the flask tightly.
On the first day in the morning say once the formula: "God, admit me in the hospital of nature for 10 days". After that carefully pour out from the flask the wheat water only and drink it before breakfast /you may add some honey and lemon juice for taste/. Divide the wheat in 3 equal shares /for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner/. When you eat it you can sweeten it with honey.
During the wheat diet you should drink boiled water only seasoned with lemon juice and honey. It would be better not to dissolve the honey in water but to eat it with a teaspoon, which you should put near the palate. When sipping the water the honey will gradually dissolve and will be better absorbed. In this way of nutrition you will feed your brain centres with nutritive substances absorbed in the mouth, not in the stomach.
When you eat the wheat you should chew it slowly, at least 99 times before you swallow it. Before eating the apple take it in your hand, look at it for a while, get in contact with its aura, enjoy it, thank the apple tree, the sun and s.o. Observe the rule the Master has given us: to have our meals with love and gratitude. It would be better to collect the apple pips and to bury them in a suitable place. You will show this way your gratitude for its sacrifice. During the wheat diet do not use any salt.
Throughout these 10 days you should become "sunny" people, you should be always smiling and you should not admit any negative thought, feeling or act.


On the 10th day add to the wheat for lunch and dinner a little of angels' soup /peeled potatoes cut in quarters, parsley, ground pepper, lemon juice, water, a little salt/. During the days after the diet you should not overeat. Do not throw the scraps of food /nutshells, lemon peels etc./, but collect them in a paper bag. When the diet is over, bury them in a pure place close to nature.

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