Mind and Body Influence of the Fruits and Vegetables

For improving the blood circulation it is good to eat cherries. They create gladness and gaiety to man.

In order to become beautiful you need to eat the finest apples. Apple brings gentleness. It makes the man gentle, good-natured and lenient.

Growing plums helps increase belief.

Peach helps heal the stomach.

Apricot helps heal anemia and liver.

Eating figs is very healthy.

Sugar beet improves eyesight.

Melon helps develop attention and good manners.

Watermelon cleans the stomach and intestines, keeps good spirit and influences the mind.

It is good to eat pumpkin when feeling anxiety.

Eating rye has a calming effect.

Peas help against neurasthenia and improve the skin complexion.

Lentil is good for the eyes.

Eggplant gives strength and peacefulness.

Parsley cures the stomach.

Rice helps meditation and contemplation.

Eating nettle helps darken white hair.

Tomatoes improve blood circulation.

Cucumbers help against anemia.

If you want to be sweet you should eat grapes. Grapes increase the strength of lungs and mind. Grapes cure the lungs.Potatoes provide contentment.

Whoever wants to become intelligent and judicious has to eat well-shaped pears with nice yellow color.

Dry bean improves the kidneys function.

Cornel cherries give stamina and resistance to your character. They give iron to the blood.

Lemon acid makes the person more active.

Walnut has positive influence on the mind and brain.

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