The  Master
The doctrine of the Master Petar Deunov, like the modern theosophy and the other similar doctrines, may be specified in a few words as a modern pantheism, but it is in the same time a higher monotheism. With respect to the existence, God is transcendent and immanent, an unchangeable absolute, a central monade and simultaneously manifesting himself by giving form and life to everything, an ever creating Logos. As an absolute, he is the first origin of everything, containing the unity of all souls, head of human spirit. In his manifestation God is the unique and eternal existence, the universal life, the creative love, the higher conscience or the “conscience of the unity”.
The Master Petar Deunov is the adept of the involution and the evolution as a supreme and basic manifestation of the absolute, as a general law of universal life dominating everything. (In this respect his ideas resemble those of the yogas, the theosophs and the modern occultists). In his doctrine he follows also the main ideas of the karma and the reincarnation of souls. For him these are tested and indubitable truths of life.
According to the Master existence is not accomplished with the so-called “material world” of tridimensional space. It manifests itself simultaneously in higher fields and worlds – astral, mental, causal and so on.... The powers of each higher field, being thinner and more spiritual, penetrate the lower one and create an integrated existence, an integrated life of the universal spirit.
For the Master Petar Deunov the feelings and the thoughts in the higher worlds are as real as the objects in the material world. They are living powers, which destroy and create. The supreme creative powers are the supreme cosmic or Divine conscience, the Divine thought and the Divine Love. The further in his evolution a spiritual being is, the greater these powers' presence is in him.
In the doctrine of the Master Petar Deunov nature is a supreme reality manifested externally, a supreme reason and love. It has concealed its spiritual and Divine face for the lower conscience. The latter sees only the shadow of things, their changeable visibility, and not their real content, the real life, nor those spiritual and reasonable creative powers, which manifest themselves and act behind that visibility. Science has so far studied only the external form and it's just now that it becomes interested in these real creative powers. All things in nature, being a manifestation of a supreme reason, have a profound internal meaning. The true science has to go further from studying just content. It has to discover the profound meaning of things.
According to the Master Petar Deunov man is the manifestation of the integrated existence. In its person the latter reveals its essence. The sense of human life on earth is to realize, throughout multiple reincarnations, a higher reason, to acquire liberation from the limitations of the lower forms of existence. Man has to liberate himself gradually from his animal instincts and this must be done not by destroying them but by submitting them to the higher life. He has to create his higher bodies, to reveal himself for the supreme Divine conscience and for the supreme love and to become a more perfect organ in the Divine system. Everyone has to liberate himself from his low egoism and limited conscience and has to begin living in a greater harmony with the Divine entity. The more completely he reveals himself throughout this entity, the greater is his harmony with the reasonable nature, with God. In his spiritual doctrine the Master Petar Deunov relies on spirit and on the major origins of the true Christianity. He wants to get people acquainted with it in its pure form. In his lectures the Master explains that new and great force which comes in the world with the help of the living and always creating in our souls Christ, manifesting himself in all great and wonderful things that happen in our lives.
If God had spoken to people in the past – says Petar Deunov – he keeps on talking to them nowadays too; if he doesn't speak to them today – it means that he has never spoken at all. The most important thing is: what does God want to say us and what does he say to people now. The most important are the “last letters” of your heavenly father!
And if nowadays, we who read the words of the Master do try to discover the spiritual grounds of his doctrine, it would be probably the following: “God is love. Accomplishing his will, you have to become love too, that is to become a whole with him.

  • Cosmological ideas: the Universe and God
  • Ecological Ideas: The Animate Sensible Nature
  • Anthropological Ideas:Origin and Descent of People
  • Gnoseological ideas: Theory of Knowledge
  • Connection between the Concepts in Peter Deunov's Teaching and Those in Other Religious and Philosophical Systems