Gnoseological ideas: Theory of Knowledge

The Theory of Knowledge according to the Master Petar Danov is based on the dual nature of things – their spiritual and material side. The real knowledge represents entering deep into the real or into the spiritual nature of things. The material form represents a reflection of the real content, which expresses “the internal meaning of life” . Through senses one can experience only the formal, symbolic side of our reality. Before being acquainted with the essence of things people should know well the results that come as a consequence. If the human beings begin perceiving themselves as a divine beginning, they will be able to understand the processes, the powers and the laws of the whole life itself as an instrument of cognition. In this connection the Master Petar Danov uses the occultism in his doctrine. The occult knowledge includes officially not acknowledged sciences such as astrology, cabbala, palmistry, phrenology, numerology and others.
In the gnoseology of the Master a necessary condition for development of knowledge is the faith as a principle of the human mind. The mystical faith is based on the experience that we have from the passed centuries or said in other words from our past lives in which we don't doubt, as the experience is the last instance of cognition. The character of faith stands in the fact that through it, with the help of Love, a connection between two sensible souls in the Universe is achieved. The mystical faith in the conditions of rationality leads to the Truth. The Truth can be achieved through mystical intuition and faith, to be “experienced” through inner enlightenment and connection with the superior worlds. God is incognizable and the Truth is a manifestation of God, this is the reason why it can not be described and perceived in the categories of the human conscience because this means we have to restrict it within its infinity and eternity. The gnoseological moments in the doctrine of the Master Petar Danov are interwoven with his anthropological ideas. The cognition of man leads to cognition of the Universe and vice versa. This cognition is not a result of laboratory studies or intellectual constructions – it comprises the life itself in its universal wholeness. It is a kind of knowledge achieved through action, not through categories.

The cognition represents awakening of the individual conscience. And the conscience is the responsibility which people bear coming into their present life, the work they have to do, to realize the evolution in their future life, strengthening the possibility for humankind development at the same time. Life provokes awakening of conscience which practically falls into enlarging the virtues, applying the superior ideal at all circumstances of existence, applying all the Christian norms of behavior. Achieving of cognition is impossible without life full of morality, purity of experiences and presence of virtues. Cognition represents discovering the essential, the reasonable, the eternal and the absolute in life. It can not be acquired but it can be perfected. The knowledge is given but only to those people, who can understand it, appreciate it and apply it in their lives. Knowledge is founded on the permanent things in life.

The real perfection in cognition is achieved in the process of reaching the superior truth and harmonizing with it. The superior truth - this is the Spirit of the universal life, of the prefect knowledge and superior wisdom which represents the true reality of the Existence. Only those who have reached a level of real spiritual life can achieve the superior truth. It is mostly reached through intuition, inner ånlightenment and connecting with the superior divine conscience. To put ourselves in harmony with the superior existence, to manifest it – this means to let the divine love manifest inside us and through us. Because God is love. “The sensible nature reveals itself only to those souls who have reached a level of manifesting the superior divine love. It reveals to them its deepest secrets and its real beauty. “
The man as a part of the Universe remains connected to nature. The man with his wise insight view, with his creative energy and imagination, with his spirit enters into the laws that rule in nature. His knowledge is practical, it has passed through him and is a result of his experience. His knowledge brings him life, renewal and approaches him to the universal harmony. It gives him youth, confidence, strength, spiritual beauty, satisfaction and perfection. According to the Master the truth is the final bound of the existence, its superior objective. There is nothing standing behind the Truth. “It is lived through”.

All the souls that have passed the path of cognition and have completed their evolution on Earth form the Universal White Brotherhood at the head of which stands Christ – the Son of God. They are highly developed beings, “invisible helpers of the humans”. God sends through them great Masters on Earth that lay the beginning of every new epoch. The greatest of them is Christ, who proclaimed the age of love. The white brothers are God's helpers in the implementation of His universal plan and helpers of the people on their way leading to God. Under the Great Universal White Brotherhood the Master Petar Danov understands “……….the hierarchy of sensible beings that have passed their evolution millions and milliards years before the people and now organize the whole Universe. They organize it because they themselves have taken part in its creation under the direct guidance of the Great Spirit of God.”

The basic idea in the Gnoseology of the Master Petar Danov is that people on one hand, should have knowledge about the sensible universal laws and on the other hand, they should have knowledge how to harmonize their lives with them. This means that they should know how to develop all the things that the Creator has put in them. The cognition is the way of wisdom, which gives conditions for preserving the life created by the love. The condition on which the wisdom is delivered is purity of the body and spirit. People will reach the Truth - the final objective of the human evolution walking the way of Wisdom – knowledge, which brings enlightenment to the mind. The Truth as a manifestation of God – brings a thorough harmony and freedom expressed in reconciling all the contradictions in life.

As a whole a greatest part in the doctrine of the master Petar Danov is taken by cognition because it is believed that the people have not applied yet the doctrine of Christ as they have to learn how to do it in practice. The instructions, which the Master gives to his followers, are taken as lessons of acquiring knowledge. This basic idea where the name of the doctrine as occult doctrine comes from, is defined by the described above principles of not knowing the nature of the phenomena but an opportunity for mystical merging with them on the way of intuition and comprises the main ethical directions.
In this way the gnoseology understood and realized as a theory of knowledge and of applying the love as a creative power of the existence, is the basic idea of the doctrine.