Anthropological Ideas: Origin and Descent of People: Ethics

The people take part in the cosmic Life. Both the whole universal reality, and the man consist of external – physical, not lasting, transient side and internal – the thing that is Eternal in people, their soul and spirit that are “sparkles” sent by God, “as He has restricted alone in himself and has created the man.” All the beings live in God. Before man was born “he had lived in Him the same way the grain had been in the barn of the farmer before it was sown”. The man has come on Earth for nothing else but to learn and create “accepting and manifesting the love of God”. The wreath of the creation – this is the Man, “who was turned into a pearl form a grain by the Divine Spirit”.
The real nature of people is their soul and spirit, that is why the purpose of people's existence is achieving “growing of the human soul and the human spirit reaching cognition of blessing.“ The human development consists in releasing the soul from the chains of matter bearing all the suffering. The man represents a manifestation of the unique existence. In man the existence reveals its essence. However the man is not the most superior manifestation of the existence. As all esoteric schools of all epochs have studied, the perfect man, the one that has finished his earth evolution is really an “image of God”, “God's son”, “a micro cosmos” that holds the nature, the structure, the great powers and secrets of the whole Genesis. Through his physical nature, the man represents wholeness with the material world, through his astral (emotional, sensitive) and mental (intellectual) body he is connected with the superior worlds but he does have a higher spiritual life that connects him with the initial divine Beginning. In his deeper essence as a spirit, the man is a sparkle of that sacral fire of the universal Life which we call a prime cause, basic Beginning, God. Through the human being as well as through the whole evolution of the sensible nature the initial Beginning is manifested in its bigger completeness and perfection. “The humanity in man - this is the outer side and the Divinity – this is the essence of human nature. In his present form the man only partly has manifested his original, real nature. He is yet to begin to manifest himself.”
The spiritual evolution of homo sapiens is organized in accordance with the laws of Karma and reincarnation (the transformation). Karma means that in your present life you create conditions for the next one. It is a destiny. However this destiny is not absolute and invariable – it can be gradually changed in accordance with the acts of the particular person. According to the master Petar Danov the karma could be thoroughly changed on the basis of a deep and sincere repentance followed by particular acts of progressing and purifying conscience. The very term “karma” originates from Sanskrit and means “action”, “influence”. The karma law was formulated for the first time in the ancient Indian religious and philosophical doctrines. A series of occult and spiritual schools among which the one of the Master treat it as the law of Universe, “The law of reasons and consequences.” Nothing in the world remains without bringing any consequences after it and each thing is conditioned. “The life is organized in such a way that each action, no matter what action it is, has its repayment according to its internal value”. This law rejects any coincidence, for the world is a creation and manifestation of God and He, himself is a Great Reasonable Beginning and is not able to create something that does not have any purpose. Following this point of view even the seemingly casual is indeed predetermined on its place in the Great plan of God.
On the other hand the reincarnation of the human soul is necessary for its evolution and growing because this is the way the sensible being acquires the needed experience and cultivates all the needed knowledge and skills or said in other words in this way the man learns to live “in the way God has determined.” To reincarnate means “to start again the work you have left”. Sooner or later following this principle the final objective of the human existence is being achieved – merging into the Absolute, returning to the initial point of the spiritual development but only after passing the highest winding of the spiral. The essence of the soul evolution stands in the fact that after all, the people are going to become angels and are going to return to “their Father above”. The path leading to God is not direct, as the people blinded with their pride think, but it passes through the hierarchy of the worlds and the creatures that live there. The material world where we start our development is created by God in order the human soul to have place where to learn. Our planet is such an important cosmic “school”. After that the spirit of the people has the chance to continue its development in “the astral” (the sensitive), “the mental” (the intellectual), “the casual” (the causative), “the Buddhistic” (the intuitive) and the athmic (spiritual) world. This gradation of the cosmic worlds (zones, fields) can be read in detailed interpretation in the theosophical literature.
The master Petar Danov adds to the whole range of views about human the following statement” “The man exists not only on the planet Earth, not only in the Solar system. He inhabits the whole stellar Universe – all the stars and planets. The planets and the stars are inhabited by creatures having different stages of intellectuality. The kind of body they have is not important. They are intelligent creatures and belong to one and the same human race. This race gradually develops. A lot of the human beings on the other systems are more developed than the people because their origin from the great prime source of Life is older. Their wisdom is so superior that the culture of people in comparison with the creatures living on Sirius for example is still in its swaddling clothes. The people today in comparison to the people living on Sirius are not even children. But the man is eternal traveler. The Earth has not been and is not going to be his only Residence.” According to the master the man is the greatest treasure of Life itself. His moral world has a series of virtues: justice, modesty, truth, purity, love, brotherhood and diligence. Man is a master of his own destiny; he is the maker of his own happiness or unhappiness. He is dependent on the law of reincarnation and thus from one life he walks into another one on the way of his spiritual perfection. The human life, collective and individual represents an inseparable unity with the life of the whole Existence; it is directed and ruled by the great Divine intelligence and love. The latter mentioned reveal themselves both in the human nature itself and the fact that for each one of us there are open opportunities for unlimited development and spiritual growing, for achieving of real happiness. The meaning of human life on Earth through all the reincarnations is realization of more superior intelligence, achieving of more thorough perfection, development of superior capabilities and revealing the hidden in the human being talents for reaching of a more superior life as well as releasing from the restrictions of the lower forms of existence.
Adding to these arguments the master Petar Danov declares: “….When we talk about the man as an image and personification of God we mean the man in his initial manifestation, the so called Cosmic Man.” The history of people has begun with their creation by God but it has not always developed in these conditions or the man has not always been in his earth image. The master underlines that the development of the human history is concentrated in the evolution of the people's consciousness. The mechanism of this evolution consists in the reincarnation of the human soul. The consciousness of people from this point of view has passed during the following stages:
“Primitive collective consciousness” (Lemurian – III basic race)
“beginning of the personal consciousness' (the race of Atlantis – IV basic race)
“Individual consciousness” (White or Aryan race – V basic race, the race we are now, the race of which, we the modern people are representatives).
The next stages of the evolution of consciousness which the mankind has to pass are: collective, Cosmic and Divine consciousness.
The most important moment in the philosophy of development given by the Master is the persuasion that the whole planet and the mankind enter a new epoch. It is connected to a trend sent by the “great Reasonable center of our Universe). In the new epoch the Earth is going to come out of “the thirteenth sphere of the suffering” and is going to enter the Age of Aquarius. Among people is going to come or more precisely said is going to approve itself “the sixth race which is going to be a transition from humans to angels, all the people in this race are going to be clairvoyants.” The new culture of the VI race is the Culture of love. It is that “new Life where full freedom will reign and where love is going to be a common law for everyone”. In our as a whole vicious and variable world “the reign of justice is going to come, the man is going to master the elements of the physical world; he is going to be free, reasonable, he is going to be ruled by knowledge, not passions”. The basic principle of the new Culture is going to be “Life for the Wholeness” – “the idea that everyone must live for the wholeness – this is the great basis of the new Life, of the new culture”. The new mankind is not going to serve the selfishness but it is going to serve the altruism. In the future from a social point of view, the mankind is going to represent “an enormous society where the bigger nations are going to be the older brothers and the smaller nations are going to be the younger brothers”. And exactly the Slavonic nations are expected to bring amongst people “the feeling of conscious fellowship”.
Connected to the culture of love is the thesis of the master about the coming of Jesus on Earth: “………And truly this is the reason why Jesus came on Earth – to give us life. He preached and made the love towards the fellow man true.” The mankind has not applied His principles and this is the reason why it has not entered “the reality of Life, where there is no death and the things are unchangeable”. Before this reign of peace and harmony comes, the people have to become masters of the matter, the thing that is individual, transient, not lasting and restricts the human spirit in its striving for immortality. That's why “Jesus came on Earth, to bring people to the tide of life which we call resurrection”. The ethical doctrine of the master Petar Danov is based on the concept that God – because of His nature is in condition of love to the people, which condition is unchangeable. He is goodness. This means that “we all live in God” – it is an immanent fact. It is necessary the opposite subjection to be achieved – “God to live in us”. This means that people must enter the eternal life of harmony and unity. This is the most important task of the human being – to provide conditions to God for living in him, conditions to “the Eternal Life”, a possibility to manifest in the boundary. Creating the world, the Divinity sends the human in it in order to test his character, to recognize his mind and heart and finally his nature, to learn and to find out the ways which he has to walk in order to achieve this superior objective – God to live in him.
Hence there are two principles existing on Earth – the principle of good and the principle of evil. Good represents an expression of the law of unity, the law of Wholeness and is a fruit of love. Evil is an expression of the opposite law – the law of parts, of the finite, of the particularity. The man has come out of Good and the evil has come out of man. These two principles are expression of the Great Intelligence in the world; they correspond though conditionally to the stages of the cyclic development law – involution and evolution. But the creative principle is the principle of Good as it comes out of the constructive ontological power – the love. When choosing the path of Good, the man reaches to “Life, light and freedom”, fruits of the universal trinity of God – Love, Wisdom and Truth. In order to walk the path of Good, the man has to obey the three laws of Love – loving God, loving the fellow-man and loving himself.

Commenting the problem for good and evil the Master remarks: “The good and the evil in the Animated nature are powers with which nature operates in one and the same way. The Great intelligence that makes something of everything stands behind the good and the evil. People should not fight evil. They only have to avoid it. The people should not fight evil but they have to oppose the good to it. The man that fights evil the most makes the greatest mistake. “And yet: “There is collective consciousness of good and collective consciousness of evil. They form the two great poles of the Existence”.
As an addition to the described above the Master offers an original thesis: “The hell” is a place where the evil is inside and outside while “The heaven” is a place where the good is inside and outside.” According to the Master when Jesus preaches the people to gather treasure on heaven he means people to do good things. The treasure – this is the good that people do on Earth. The main method in the ethical system of the Master regarding Love as a moral principle is “the serving”, an idea that summarizes all actions of man connected with his perfection and “Rising”. This perfection is an obligatory condition because people acquire love when they finish their spiritual development. Said in other words “love” is at the same time condition, method and an objective in the human development! As a condition love is used in meaning of divine creative power; as a method love is used as a moral law obeying of which reveals the way to God; and as an objective love is the eternal life of harmony and unity which man is going to enter when God-Love starts living in him.
Serving means the will of God to be performed (the power of the human soul is meant to carry out the will of God) or said in another way – harmony with the great laws that rule the sensible nature to be achieved. The man serves himself, the others and all the living creatures in the world thus in fact he serves God. Serving is not an obligation to God but a superior act of a free human will. Serving God includes serving other people and yourself. The basis of serving, the voluntarily act is the persuasion that we have to serve the Lord because we believe that “all we have comes from Him”. What does serving yourself mean? It means that people should work over themselves. They should train their qualities needed for their perfection on their own: “absolute internal honesty, strong moral power and readiness for sacrifice, for overcoming the lower side in them, absolute obedience before the Superior that speaks in them”. There is a specific way of development and releasing of the soul – the way of suffering. This is “the first thing that the Christianity recommends for purifying”. The suffering means that the man walks out of the Evil and enters the Good. The Earth is a sorrowful place of suffering because the man has come here to learn. In his sufferings, tests and fallings, man examines himself and his love.
“The real man does not fight outside to return his honor. He knows that according to the great moral in the world, the honor outside can not be restored. There is not any court, society or religion that is able to restore the honor of man but only he himself is able to do it”. The master takes out one more criterion for proper behavior: “The intelligent man has one peculiar spiritual mood - he does not think of doing something bad to anyone. He thinks for the good of everyone and never revenges”.
According to the Master Petar Danov in the present stage of their spiritual development the people are under the power of the following seven principles: pride, anger, voluptuousness, indolence, miserliness, envy and greediness.
It is extremely necessary new principles to be cultivated in people's relation towards the fellow-man. The first one requires no violence to be caused because every human soul has to be loved – this is the patience. The second one requires the anger and the fury to be repressed – this is the mildness. And finally – stifling the greediness and the pride which is the real humbleness. The master Petar Danov recommends: “There must not be any delay in making of something good. When you decide to do something good you must do it at the moment without any canceling. If you cancel it the moment is gone”. And concluding: “Do not forget the fact that the doer must stay unknown when making something good, the way he tries to stay unknown in the evil”.
The basic law of the moral life is the law of duty. Its character stands in the fact that man is not guided by the care for him or by the selfishness but is guided by his feeling for duty towards the society, towards the Wholeness. In relation to God the man can reach to the position of a Son Of God when he reaches his ideal:
"Heart clear as a crystal, mind bright as the sun, soul vast as the Universe. Spirit powerful as God and one with God!"
The basic principles and settings in the ethics formulated by the Master Petar Danov reveal strong faith in man and his physical, moral and spiritual potential, they give the personality a crucial role in changing the conditions of her/his own life. The future of people lies in the perfection of the particular individuality as a result of which a new era in the relations between people – brotherhood, understanding and altruism is going to come. The most important value of morality is the self-denial understood as a sacrifice of the personal interest caused by the selfishness in the name of the mutual.