Connection between the Concepts in Peter Deunov's Teaching
and Those in Other Religious and Philosophical Systems

1. Religious and Philosophical Teachings in Ancient India
- the thesis of Pantheism (Hinduism)
- the concept that the single individualities are a manifestation of an eternal Spirit whom they are aspiring to as an ultimate goal (Brahmanism);
- the idea that human relations should be set in harmony with the universal laws; the main principle in the human behavior is Love towards the fellow creatures (Buddhism);
- nonviolence towards the surroundings;
- immortality of the soul;
- laws of karma and reincarnation;

2. Phythagoreanism in Ancient Greece (6th century BC)
It considers the incarnation as an opportunity for purification and refinement, because the soul is related to God.

3. Plato's Concepts (427 – 347 BC)
Soul is immortal, it has a Divine origin and represents the real human being.

4. Egyptian Hermeticism
There is an eternal resurrection and unbreakable connection between God, nature and human beings. God loves humans and therefore forgive them.

5. Leo Tolstoy's Teaching
God could be known as Love. Soul is immortal. Human beings have to renounce their egoism.

6. Anthroposophy Founded by Rudolf Steiner
Human beings are able to govern with their own power their growth and to establish “Kingdom of God on Earth”, to cleanse themselves from sins and live in accordance to the law of God. The human being's role is of a greater importance than to follow one's fate. People have huge potential because their soul is a part of God, an initial Divine spark. When the teaching of Love is applied in life, which is the real teaching of Christ, then “the Kingdom of God” will come upon Earth.

7. The Theory of Intuition of Henry Bergson
The intuition is one of the most important characteristics of the 6th race that is now coming.

8. Christianity
Christianity and the Teaching of Master Peter Deunov are not similar religious and philosophical systems, but they are one and the same thing. He explains the differences between the two theories with the statement that not everything uttered by Jesus Christ was written in the four canonical Gospels. Moreover, some of the written sermons and precepts of the Saviour need a modern interpretation. The Teaching of Peter Deunov sanctifies the gospel truths and Christ's words from occult point of view in order to be understood clearly.