I. Meditations over the bible.

II. Meditations over some thoughts from the book “Thoughts for everyday”.
The book “thoughts for everyday” is published each year. It contains thoughts from the lectures of the Master. October 2-nd, 1998 It is a distinctive quality of the diligent man that he always begins with small powers and gradually walks towards greater powers. If he begins doing something, little or big, he goes to the end. October 16-th, 1998 Don't go to other houses and families when you are very sad or disturbed in order to relieve your pain. Don't bring you litter to other people. October 17-th, 1998 Not hurting and not insulting other people you will have more friends, more people to love you. May 2-nd, 1999 Being disciples, you should neither over-estimate you, nor under-estimate you.You will think of yourself what you really are. June 11-th, 1999 One has to be steady, not to succumb in the weak wind, but one has to be reasonable, too, and not to oppose the elements. June 29th, 1999 When one has understood the outer side of physical life and the inner side of spiritual life, he enters already in the Divine world – the law of unity.
3. Meditation over thoughts from the book “The world of Great souls” --- Life without virtues is similar to a garden without flowers, to trees without fruit. --- Do not tie bells to your virtues. --- Don't look for what you don't need. --- Don't cry for what you couldn't acquire. --- Don't become prematurely a door of the world because everybody will pass through. --- Don't spoil what nature has arranged. Don't give it an advice what to do, don't make a competition with nature and don't take anything by force from it. 4. Meditation over thoughts from the book “Sacred words of the Master” 3140 You have to be thankful for the smallest joy and for the greatest sorrow. 3150 Don't be impressed with the forms, pay attention to the spirit of things. 3326 The achievements of a disciple depend on the alertness of its conscience: he has to observe his acts, not to ease off, not to give way to laziness, to mend his ways every moment, to be absolutely accurate when accomplishing his promises. Accuracy is harmony, tact, music. The disciple has to acquire not just knowledge, he has to know how to use this knowledge, and to be always ready to use it. 3358 The disciple never feels offended, he always looks for a good intention in the words that he has been told. 1293 You should love the way you would like to be loved. You should respect the others the way you would like to be respected. 3351 The disciple is distinguished from the others by his kindness, by his purity, by his modesty, cleverness, tact and strength.What has he acquired by his teaching if he doesn't spread a light all over the world? 5. Meditation over some thoughts from the book “The legacy of the colored rays” It is a book distributed by the Master in person to his most gifted disciples.

  • Meditation upon the rainbow
  • An exercise to develop your intuition
  • Concentration
  • Meditation