An exercise to develop your intuition

Now I will teach you an experiment. It is the following: on separate leaflets you will write all the books of the Bible and you will put the leaflets in a box. Three times a day you will take out of this box a leaflet with open eyes this time. This experiment is aimed at developing your intuition. You should guess which leaflet you have taken out. When writing the leaflets your conscience has to be awake, there should be no interruption. Besides this when you are writing them you will try to leave on them your vibrations, so as to guess which one you have taken when you touch them. For example, if you have written on one of the leaflets the name of Prophet Jeremy, when taking this leaflet out of the box, you will guess that you have taken out this leaflet namely. If you guess what is written on the leaflet, you will experience a great joy. If you write the leaflets mechanically you won't guess anything. When you come in class the next time, five older and five younger brothers as well as five older and five younger sisters will announce their experiments. When doing such experiments, you will note in a notebook the date, the hour and the weather, whether it is clear or cloudy and s.o. This way you will get accustomed to punctuality. In the spiritual world, during the most insignificant experiments, you have to note accurately the hour and the weather. Begin your experiments tomorrow. You can do them in the morning or at noon or in the evening, whenever you want, but you must by all means note the hour and the weather when you are doing it.

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  • An exercise to develop your intuition