Every night before you go to bed, you have to sit on a chair near the table, you have to put your hands on the table, you have to sit silent and quiet and to concentrate your thought with open eyes for about ten minutes. During this time you shouldn't move neither your eyes, nor your hands, nor your legs you should stay absolutely still. Until this exercise lasts, you will feel here and there over your body, over your face, your hands, your legs, and your nose something stinging, but you have to control yourself and not to scratch yourself. This stinging over your body is due to the temporary suspension of the nervous energy. It represents small electrical explosions, which occur in the nervous system. The slightest movement shows that your will is weak. With the help of this exercise you will strengthen your will.

Take two objects in your hands and orientate them to each other. Concentrate your thought in the point, where the two objects touch each other and after a while you will see that in this place a small spark appears. If you don't succeed from the first time, repeat this experience until you succeed. The sooner you manage to produce the spark, the more concentrated your thought is. Another experience: turn your forefingers one in front of the other without touching them and concentrate your thought over them. After a time you will see that from this place a light appears. Make this experiment in the night, in order to notice the light.

Strength of the thought: stretch a thin thread between two sticks and try to break it with the strength of your thought. If you can break the thread, you can direct your thought where you want to as a creative force.

When you want to know what time it is, don't look at your watch, but concentrate your thought and try to determine it yourself. Note in a notebook the real time and the time you determined. Make this experiment in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

An exercise-method of concentration
Now, I shall tell you an exercise that you have to do three times a day: in the morning, at noon, and in the evening before you go to bed. Put your arms straight forward in a horizontal position with your palms turned to the ground. Touch both thumbs and forefingers in order to form a nice triangle. Then slowly spread open your arms forming a semi-circle. Turn your palms upwards. Slowly bend your arms in the elbows. With the first three fingers take the upper part of the ear. The thumb has to be in front, the other two fingers on the back. You have to move these three fingers along the edge of the ear to its lower part. During this movement the thumb slides over the edge of the year, the forefinger slides at the back part and the middle finger moves along its front part. Then both arms are put straight forward in a horizontal position. You have to do this exercise ten times, after that you drop down your arms until the tip of the forefinger touches the tip of the thumb. Move each arm in its turn. When taking the upper part of your ear, a little moral impulse is generated in you. The lower part of the ear is connected with human stomach. You will see what a result will produce the exercise over your thoughts, feelings and acts. When doing the exercise, you have to sit down, to keep absolutely calm and to thrust forward your chest. During all the time of the exercise your mind has to be concentrated and to follow the movement of the arms. The sense of the exercises is hidden namely in that the mind has to be concentrated and to follow the movement of the arms. This concentration is easy because our mind has to pass from the Physical to the Astral world. It doesn't go further. If human mind had to penetrate in a more abstract world, you won't be able during this exercise as well as during all the other exercises, to note the states in which you are.
When doing the exercise you will take care no one to see you. This exercise will teach you to concentrate, to be obedient. When doing the exercise, you have to draw long breaths in order to receive the invigorating prana. The prana could be physical, cardiac and mental. And with the three fingers three currents of prana are projected. The one of the states is concerned with the Mental world, the other with the physical, and that one which passes in the middle is concerned with the Cardiac, i.e. with the Astral world. Without prana the thought can't be formulated, without prana the feelings can't express themselves and at last without prana the will can't act.

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