Meditation upon the rainbow

Now I will give you an exercise meditation upon the rainbow. You have to meditate upon the rainbow until you create in your mind a nice image of it. This exercise can take one year for ones, two years for the others, or even three years for still others, until in their minds is created such a beautiful image, but they have to work in this direction. Some people may succeed in a short time it depends on the disciple's ability to concentrate. So you have to meditate upon the rainbow every day, until in your mind is created a vivid and clear image. You will imagine it such as you have seen it in nature, with all its colours. This exercise will stimulate you to develop your imagination. For an occult person, imagination is necessary because it is the mother of ideas. When meditating upon the rainbow you can imagine the following images: to the west the sun, to the east a dark cloud, and the rainbow from north to south, after a spring drizzle. Or it is clear to the east and the rainbow appears to the west. On the whole, whatever positions it can take in your mind, some day the rainbow has to appear in your soul as it appears in nature. If you meditate five to ten minutes a day upon the rainbow, you will see how imperceptibly and naturally in your mind will appear its image. When you meditate you will close your eyes to see the image of the rainbow, clear and vivid. First you will imagine it mentally, it won't be clear, but later on it will emerge well, moreover such as it is in nature lifelike and real. The best time to meditate is in the morning or whenever you are in good spirits. Don't think about the effect of the exercise. No matter what the result will be, surely you will gain something but you won't loose anything. Besides in the morning you can also meditate before lunch, a few hours after lunch or in the evening before going to bed. Every body is free to choose the most suitable time for him. It would be fine to draw the rainbow, to have it before you all the time. It would be still better to observe the rainbow after each rain, to remember the background, the conditions in which it appeared. The rainbow will introduce a new element in your minds.

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