When are we jealous? When we want to retain something for us. When you love somebody you keep him for you, you take possession of him. It isn't love. The true love brings an enlargement in human soul. If you love somebody leave him free! The Divine love can be distinguished by leaving the human being free.

You love somebody but you want to take possession of him. Fair and anguish accompany this kind of love. Humanity suffers from it. The world will be all right when we have understood the relationships of love. Love shouldn't contain any jealousy. Transform your jealousy in love. When you are jealous you rate the one you love as being lower than you, and you say: “He can commit some crime”. Love excludes all doubts. If there is the slightest doubt in love, there is something missing.

When you are jealous you think that the one you love could be taken from you. And then the suspicion and the hate come. You will come to hate the man you are jealous of, and when you come to hate him you will destroy him.

If I love somebody, there shouldn't be a contradiction in me if he loves another person. He can love whom he wishes to. It should be agreeable to me as when he loves me. This is one of the most difficult tasks.

When we are in love we should keep a distance from the person we are in love with.

If you love somebody you shouldn't employ violence, no matter of what kind.

If some kind of discontent appears, love vanishes. The slightest negative feeling – hate, envy, doubt, suspicion – is able to close the way of love. It doesn't support any self-interest on its way.

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