The new Eve
The Mission of the Woman - the Motherhood

by the Master Peter Deunov

The thoughts about the woman-mother are quotes from lectures of the Master Peter Deunov or Beinsa Douno - delivered to the students of the "White Brotherhood" in the period between 1914 and 1944.
Today I pray to the women: You should open your husbands up to God. Salvation of the world depends on you. You are the face of Love. You have to reform the distorted minds of your husbands. How you have to do this? – By impressing God's love on your hearts. You should love your husbands. You should love your husband - only Him but do not become his servant; you should love God in him.
The spirit works within women nowadays. Therefore they are more religious and spiritual than men. Observe carefully - when a woman takes part in something, everything is in progress: science, religion and music - everything develops well. The woman is the sure ground, where everything grows up well. If the woman will miss, everything stops - science, religion, music and art will be without appropriate background. The poet writes while the woman impresses his mind. When you take away the woman from his imagination he loses the meaning of life and turns to wars. The woman is in the mind of all people. She is the love, she is their idea.
I understand the woman as a pole. At first, when God created her, she was absolutely different from the modern woman. At the earth exists only one woman, who is neither this one on the sky, nor this one in the paradise; she is only a response, the impact of the elevated and gentle woman. Therefore love is the only external expression of this woman. But love is giving evidence only through the woman. If the woman does not exist in the man, love will not manifest either. If people are aware of what exactly she is and if they take up her role, the world immediately will improve.
I have met only few women in my life - some in Bulgaria, some in foreign countries. The real woman is usually gentle - she has never said a rude word. Every woman who is coarse, is not a real woman, she is distorted. And nobility is the sign of a real man. Today people look upon the woman someone, who needs a man to care for her. I say: this is not a real woman, she is as a cripple in a hospital.
I think that the real woman is a person who protects and saves the world; a woman is a person who knows the secrets of life; a woman is a person through whom the great and powerful energy of love manifests and the love, which creates life. Therefore the salvation of the world will come through the woman, not through the man.
People have to apply two great laws in their lives. The first law is - Love for God; it represents the man. The second law -love for your fellowman- represents the woman. Men should work with the first law, women - with the second one. Actually people have to deal in both laws. The second law, which belongs to the woman - creates the institutions; it creates the world order. Therefore the world order in our days and everything else in the world is due namely to the humiliation of women. And then what should be the aim of our contemporary society and our contemporary states? – TO UPLIFT WOMEN. Women have to be raised up to the status, they used to occupy in the past! Put the woman on that level where she originally was and you will see that in l25 years the world will improve. The salvation of the world is in the uplifting of the woman. If you do not lift the woman up and if she does not lift herself up - salvation cannot come from anywhere.
When I am speaking about the uplifting of the woman I should like that idea to permeate our entire lives. It should permeate not only people, but it should get into the animals, the plants and the minerals as well. That great law has to embrace entirely the human hearts too. If a person humiliates his heart - no salvation is able to come. The salvation of our contemporary humanity lies in the elevation of the heart. If you humiliate yourself, you humiliate your heart as well. If you elevate yourself, you also elevate your heart. All angels, all saints and all advanced beings aim the elevation of the woman. Many of people nowadays seem oppose that great and say: "Do you know what the woman is? She is a snake! Whoever has suffered from a woman only he can speak about her."
When you say that the women are bad I am asking you: "Who was not born by a woman?" Was not your mother, the person who carried you in her womb, who held you in her arms, who bore you in her mind and heart - was she not a woman? Do not put up with downgrading women. No matter what that woman is - she is your mother.
If you have a partner in your life - regard her as a mother. Think of your mother as woman in whom God lives. Mankind has to alter its attitude to the woman completely. Otherwise - the salvation of the world will not come.

An important law exists in the world and everybody should bear it in mind. That law is the following: when a woman loves a man she is able to lift him up. However, if she begins to hate a man - he will end in a fatal way. A great number of statistics in the United States show that all the preachers, who had good wives, had become famous preachers. - Why? - Because their wives loved them and share their beliefs. And the opposite: all the wives of the preachers who had not loved their husbands and who had not shared their ideas had brought the failure of their husbands. Therefore a woman is able to raise and to bring down her husband, Now I am saying to the women again: "Bring more light into the minds of your husbands." Only the woman is capable of doing this. A man cannot save another man - but a woman can save him.
How will peace be brought into the world? Who can bring in peace? Today no law will be able to destroy the wars and bring in peace. If all scientists put their heads together and begin to work scientifically to annihilate the wars and to bring in peace - even they will not be successful.
I say there is only one power in the world that is able to annihilate war and to bring in peace. What is that power? - The woman. If all women get together and say; from today onwards we are not going to give birth to criminals, wars will be over thanks to all these women. And if each mother tells her son:" If you kill your brother, I will renounce you, you are not my son anymore - the wars will come to an end.
To achieve this - not only two or three women have to realize their task but all women have to raise themselves and begin to win for the salvation of the world. From now on women will be held responsible for not having done their duties.
It is namely on account of that that the women have been beaten a lot and have come down to the position of slaves. They have had unbearable sufferings. The law that is applied against them is inexorable. Why ? - Because they have the power to solve the problem, but they are not willing to make use of their power.
Women have to direct their power to the entire world and say: "No more wars ! No more fallacies! No more heathen teachings! "
We, the people of our days, are solving the problems how we have to live. We should not be solving the problem how we have to live, but how we have to be born. He have to solve the problem what mothers we should have and what fathers we should have, when I say "mothers", I do not mean mothers in the ordinary meaning of the word. Since we want to be healthy, since we want to be happy, since we want to be wise and since we want to have a religion - all that is very good. But that religion has to be a Religion of love. We want to have schools - let these schools be schools of Wisdom. We want to have a social order, we want laws - but let everything rest on God's Absolute. Justice it is the mothers who will solve that problem. Which mothers? - The future mothers not the present ones.
Regarded from a purely organic point of view there are two institutions in the world that are Divine. One of them is the father and the mother – representing home. It is the first institution on the Earth. There is not any institution in the world more noble and brighter than the home. Neither is there a title that is higher than the names father and mother. There are indeed many fathers and mothers in the world, but actually they are only stepfathers and stepmothers. In respect to the material worlds both father and mother play an important part by means of their blood they give the qualities of their souls to their children. The education of the child is determined by the qualities that the mother has invested into him from his early age. By the word “blood” I do mean the ordinary blood, but the other, the "life-blood" which remains unchanged throughout the life of the person.
Love is the only power that can straighten up the world. In that case a man should never marry a woman, whom he does not love, for whom he is not ready to sacrifice everything. Neither should a woman marry a man she does not love and for whom she is not ready to sacrifice everything. The child has to be born out of the love of his mother and father. A child born with love is a child of the new times.
Before having a child, the father and the mother should have worked a number of generations on themselves and should have collected material for the construction of a nice solid house for the child. If they have not got such material - it is better for them not to get married and not to build a house that a few years latter will be demolished. You may say that it is written in the sacred books that people have to get married and to multiply. From the Divine point of view that means: have children and multiply in accordance with the law of Love, Wisdom and Truth. It is high time to create favorable conditions for bearing children. Any woman - as a future mother - has a great responsibility. If a woman realized her responsibility, she would never send negative thoughts to her partner.
No person is born at random. For instance it is supposed that the first man was created on the day of the first equinox when the conditions were favorable and harmonious. That is why - let all artists, musicians, writers, poets and all great scientists take part in the creation of humans. The world is in need of new human beings who will work for their own correction and elevation. That depends on the woman. She is the internal factor that can properly make use of all favorable external circumstances. In that respect the woman-mother, the sister and the virgin have to be regarded as delicate fragrant flowers on which no frost should be allowed to fall. If the birth is an important process which needs new favorable conditions, not less important processes are conception and pregnancy . The woman of the New Culture have to educate her children while they are still in her womb. In the womb children have all the conditions for accepting. Later, after their birth, children will need conditions for unfolding what they had accepted. That is why the mental life of the pregnant woman should not be neglected. The finest literature should be the mental food of the pregnant woman The lives of the saints and the great men have' to be the impulse of the thoughts of the pregnant woman. Beautiful and sublime poetry and beautiful music and songs have to take part in the life of the pregnant woman from time to time. Calmness and silence are needed for the expecting mother as Nature needs them when it is performing the great creative act - the creation of a human being. If you want the fruit of a tree to be good - give the tree good conditions and leave it to Nature. The same is valid for the creation of a human being. The good and sensible of the salvation of mankind, person, is conceived, and developed in special circumstances. Three important things are necessary for that. You will find them all in Mother Nature. Only nature is healthy, beautiful and pure.
The gifts of a child depend on love. If the mother has love within herself, she will give birth to a great and glorious son, When a mother wishes to have a great child, she has to be prepared for that - she should know her function as such. A person cannot give birth to a sublime idea, if s/he s/himself deals in the petty trifles of life. People themselves create sublime ideas, they themselves create ordinary ideas. To serve God is the Greatest Divine Idea.
The mother is a spring and what flows out from her - flows into her child. She gives to her child the Divine element that is within her. The interchange between a mother and a child is not only external - it is internal as well. The mother plays a great role not only in the material world, but in the world of the thoughts and the feelings as well. She not only creates the form, but she puts contents and meaning into it as well. A sort of transfusion takes place between the soul of the mother and the soul of the child.
If the mother that has conceived her child has been inspired by the great ideas of humanity, she will be able to pass all qualities to the child during her pregnancy. She is like God for the child and she can make whatever she likes out of him like from clay. Because when the child leaves her womb, s/he become independent in his thoughts and feelings. If the mother invests all her qualities of love and wisdom into her child during the nine months pregnancy, the child will have a good attitude to his mother throughout his life and will be ready to sacrifice himself for her.
If during pregnancy the mother directs to her child the following thought: "You will be a good child, you will grow up well, you will study well you will love people and you will help them" - the child indeed will become what the mother has wished him to be. Even the greatest criminal can be educated but only while he is still within his mother's womb. That is why the pregnant woman should have specific food: pure and sublime thoughts, feelings and deeds. This is the only way the mother can help her children, if they have any bad inclinations, the way in which the children are fed raised and bred today - not only can be expected from them.
The food, which the pregnant woman eats and the way in which she accepts it have a great influence or the child that is to be born. Many experiments have been performed in that respect and the people have come to the conclusion that the food is one of the main factors for the physical and spiritual well-being of children.
The mother's milk is also very important for the baby. When babies put their lips to their mothers' breasts, not only the milk they suck has a beneficial influence on them, but the children also receive the magnetic power that flows through the left and through the right breast of the mother. If another woman feeds the baby - the effect will not be the same. The mother radiates energy which makes her children noble. When a mother feeds her child she has to have the best spiritual disposition; she should not be angry. Husbands these days unfortunately do not pay much attention to the disposition of their wives in that crucial period.
The mother's milk contains noetic (meaning of higher intelligence) energies which you cannot find in any other food, when the mother breast-feeds her child for three years, she has to live a pure life, she should not allow a single negative thought in her mind. Let's say the house burns down or her husband leaves her. All that cannot be big enough reason for her to feel disturbed. She has to be calm and quiet in these three years.
If people had known the significance of the cooked food they used, they would have influenced themselves in their self-education. Every mother has to bear this in her mind when she is raising her child. The mother herself has to cook the food for her child until he is seven not only the milk years old. Up to that age the child has to eat only the food his own mother has prepared. The birds can serve as an example in this case. The mother and the father constantly bring food to their young ones until they grow up. They themselves raise their young ones. As soon as the young grow up and leave the nest the parents leave them alone to look after themselves. The birds have solved the family problem better than people.
There are two ways which this new philosophy can be put into practice. One of the ways is through the school education and the other is through the mother. Mothers can study for the circumstances just as the gardener for example, who studies in advance the best circumstances for sowing. We should try to keep a positive feelings and attitudes in our life. Mothers should improve their religious feelings in herself if she wants to see them in her children as well. How to understand "the religious impression"? This impression really exists when mother's soul manifests great love, which encompasses not only her own children but also the whole world and she is ready to sacrifice herself. This is the real religious behavior: to be a source of that love , not only to be save yourselves but also to be sacrifice yourselves for the others.
Define the conception "mother" in the following way: "A mother is only that woman who is able to deliver Divine idea into the soul of her daughter. A mother who cannot deliver a Divine idea into the soul of her daughter is not a mother. And a father who is not able to deliver a Divine idea into his son - is not a father.
Now I want you all to develop the feminine qualities in yourselves. Which means, I wish the souls of all people to be filled with love, I wish all to be happy and joyful and to be ready for any kind of service. This is the meaning of a mother. In that way I wish you all to be mothers nowadays. By the notion "mother"" the people understand a woman who bears children. No, a mother is only the woman whose children do not die- If the children of a woman die - she is not a mother. A mother is only the pure woman, the virgin who remains a virgin even after the birth of her child; a mother is that virgin whose children do not die. Therefore all people should be virgins - absolutely pure - if they wish the child to whom they have given birth to remain alive. That is the meaning of the internal philosophy of life. If you understand that philosophy your life will become pleasant too. And so the first great command is to love the Lord, your God with your heart, your mind and your power. The second command is to love your neighbor. The third thing you have to do is raise the woman and from there the whole humanity.

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