Thoughts about love between people

The one you love should be so sacred to you as your image is and you shouldn't put any stain on him.

Contemporary people can not understand love, because they can not part from the old views. They think that when you love somebody you have to feed him, to dress him, to give him bed and s.o. Someone can say that when you love somebody you will satisfy all his needs. You will give him water if he is thirsty; you will provide for him if he is poor; you will give him knowledge if he is ignorant; and you will comfort him if he is sorrowful. But what if he already has all these things, if he doesn't need them? It is only the outer side of love. Love gives us something more than just what you can give or make externally. Love has a greater and deeper inner side. When there is love between two people there is exchange between their souls, there is a transfusion of their souls.

Love is the most delicate flower, which has to bloom far from people's sight. No body should know about your love. Love cannot be described with human language. He, who loves you, doesn't speak, but you can feel that there is love in his soul. But if he talks about his love, it vanishes.

When people love each other, they transmit to each other their mood and state of spirits. When there is some resemblance between two people, they can transfer to each other their thoughts and feelings. What one of them thinks or feels, the other will think or feel, too. If one of them is in good or bad spirits, the other will feel the same way.

When you love somebody, even if he is far from you, your love will protect and will support him.

You should show your love without looking for other people's love. This relationship is Divine when one's love is so all-embracing that when he loves he doesn't expect anything for his love. If he expects something in exchange he is not a source, he is like a cistern.

If you are looking for somebody's love you, you'll be in a permanent torment. If somebody says you that he loves you, answer him: “You are doing God's will”. Don't ask other people: “Do you love me?”. If you are asking, you will loose everything. Who and how loves us is none of our business. It's other people's business. The way we love that's our business. It's a crime for someone to ask somebody not to love anybody but him.

Love brings abundance.

When two people love each other, one of them is active and the other is passive. Both of them couldn't be active in the same time, this state of things does not remain unchanged. Having loved somebody for a time one becomes passive. He needs already to be loved. That is why, he who loves becomes passive after a time, and he who is loved from passive becomes active and begins to love.

When the love between two people is active in both of them, they become positive and they repel each other. If they are a man and a woman, they have no children.

If you want somebody to love you, there must be a harmonious difference between him and you like between musical tones. Namely in this right combination, in this difference consists harmony that we admire.
No body has the right to ask his friend or whoever it is, whether he loves him. If he asks such a question to his friend, love between them will vanish. If you love somebody, he loves you, too. There is no need to ask him. If you ask him, you don't believe him any more.

If you say to somebody that you love him, it is as if you wanted to say by this: “You should love me the way I love you”.

The negative powers in the world cannot touch the man of love. They cannot find sustenance in him, because they are not in harmony with his essence.

When we have love in us all the world works for us, when we don't have it, we work alone, that's why our work is not effective.

Human love, when it is not refined by Divine love, can suck the vital sap of that who loves.

For every one it is determined by whom he will be loved. And every one has to find the man that loves him.

If you want to know whether somebody loves you, concentrate yourself in your mind. If the thought of this man never disappears in your mind you will know that he loves you. If you don't disappear in his mind, too, you both love each other.

You cannot think of anybody if he doesn't think of you.

There is no greater misery than that of seeing love and not having it.

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