(After the 13th exercise
the partners in each couple
exchange their places)


(The movement of each Pentagram is round its
center opposite to the
clockwise direction.)

1.What is Paneurhythmy?
Paneurhythmy is a sacral dance, which combines in itself movement, music and text. The performers move in a round in couples and follow the rhythm of the melodies created for the occasion. We can find the significance of the dance in the etymology of the word Paneurhythmy – universal cosmic rhythm. Created on the grounds of the luminous bodies' movement (planets, stars), the dance has 3 components:
- Paneurhythmy, consisting of 28 exercises
- Sunrays (12 rays of 6 couples + an external round)
- Pentagram (each pentagram consists of 5 couples)
The total duration of Paneurhythmy is about 1 hour. An unlimited number of performers can take part in Paneurhythmy. The music is played on various instruments. Priority is given to the violin – closest to human voice interpreter of the melody.

2. When and where Paneurhythmy is played?
Paneurhythmy is played from March 22nd to September 22nd early in the morning, close to nature. There, pure air and light can freely penetrate the human body and vitalize it. Since the first days of spring to the end of summer the energies that operate in nature are positive. During this period the performance of Paneurhythmy creates an opportunity for people to establish contact with them and to take profit of their power.
Paneurhythmy can be played also during the other days of the year but then the effect is smaller.

3. Influence of Paneurhythmy.
Influence on the physical condition.
Under the influence of the rhythmic motive activity the tenacity, the pliability, and the strength of the body are increased. All groups of muscles are active during the performance and the upper and lower extremities are uniformly taken on in the performance. The play in the open where the air is pure and the supple deep breathing improve the circulation of the blood. That operates a healing effect on the respiratory organs and normalizes the circulation of the blood. The muscular tone is improved as well as the training of the constitution and the blood irrigation, which eases the heart functioning.

Influence on the psychical and mental condition.
The mastering of the movement co-ordination improves the capacity of concentration and assures a stability of observation. The cognitive processes of figurative and positive thinking are enriched as well as those of emotional experience under the influence of the different exercises' music and the text. Perceptions and mental pictures become more complete. The mental process is refined. The group performance accustoms to a number of personal qualities – a skill to join the common rhythm, cooperation and mutual support. An aspiration for benevolence, for communication and positive attitude towards other people and life is developed. The sensation of general harmony operates a positive psycho-physiological effect on the development of the performers.

Contact with nature.
The performance of Paneurhythmy close to nature develops capacity of a positive link with it and of experiencing the beauty of natural phenomena. Thus Paneurhythmy helps the ecological education of the performers.

4. Where can we learn to play Paneurhythmy?
- all groups of the Brotherhood include instructors of Paneurhythmy (see the addresses)

5. Where can we buy audio and videocassettes of Paneurhythmy?
- Publishing house “Byalo Bratstvo” – e-mail:
- Paneurhythmy MP3

6. 6. The Paneurhythmy all over the world.
India gave to the world yogi, Japan – judo and aikido, China – tai-chi and u-shu, and Bulgaria gave to the world Paneurhythmy, the only system of this kind of spiritual and physical perfection. As early as the Master's lifetime people from different corners of the world came to learn this dance. This is what the professor of the Toulouse University, Alfred Lemonier, said in 1939 in Sofia: “In our unrestful, mechanized western countries, in our artificial and sad cities, the music and Paneurhythmy are the best medium to strengthen our spirits and to unite our souls.”

There are nowadays groups to study and practise Paneurhythmy all over the world.

  • FBU – centers in 22 countries (Europe, Africa, America)
  • Groups in U.S.A., Canada and Latin America
  • Russia and the ex-Russian republics
  • Australia
  • Discussion group on Paneurhythmy – (U.S.A.)

    7. Lessons of Paneurhythmy on-line


    Paneurhythmy in Rila

    Paneurhythmy in France