The Pentagram

1. Significance of the Pentagram.

The Pentagram was used as early as the hoary antiquity. It is one of the Salomon's signs and many occult schools used this symbol with the same purpose – their spiritual advancement. The Pentagram is the symbol of the five great principles: Love, Wisdom, Truth, Justice and Virtue. These are five qualities that one should develop in order to become perfect. The living God pulsates in everything around us, thus people, sooner or later, will realize the plan of God – through the energies of the Pentagram to find the way toward true life. The Pentagram represents five strong and reasonable currents in living nature – currents of energy and light, which the Hindu call “prana” or “currents of life”. These are five great centers where reasonable processes take place. They combine in themselves five positive and five negative energies. The ascending or positive energies are situated on the apexes of the Pentagram turned its summit upside, and the descending or negative energies are situated in the internal pentagon turned its summit downwards.
The Pentagram harmonizes one's reason and heart and shows him that he can live and solve his tasks correctly only with the help of his Father – God. He is the source of Light, of dynamic and magic power.

2. Introduction of the Pentagram in the School of the Master.

The Master talks about the significance and the practical use of the Pentagram before the participants of the Chain as early as 1908. He gave the following explanation: “The external ring symbolizes the worldly people, the middle – the disciples of occultism, the spiritual people, and the internal circle is “the holy of holies” and corresponds to the Great Initiated. The two categories of people have five stages of advancement or five periods that they have to pass through in order to complete one cycle of their development.”
In 1911 the Pentagram was accepted as the emblem of spiritual work in the White Brotherhood. In 1922 was worked out a new, colored Pentagram. It defers from the black and white one of 1911 by some of its elements.

3. Main significance of the Pentagram according to the Master.

The Pentagram represents a man with outstretched arms and legs. Its five apexes are the expression of five important stages connected with the perfection of human soul. In the Bible they are related to the great events that happened on the five famous tops of mountains:
Ararat, Moria, Sinaï, Thabor and Golghota.

4. Main elements of the Pentagram.

The Pentagram consists of an external circle, an internal circle, center, inscriptions and letters.

5.External circle.

The external circle in which the Pentagram is inscribed represents the world, the experience, the earthly school. It is a symbol of infinity and shows that what you can not achieve during one life you can achieve it during the infinite future. When one begins his development as a young soul and acquires experience he moves on the external circle where are the pictures of the sword, the glass, the candelabrum and of the scepter. They are outside the figure and are symbols of the nature powers, of its language.

6. Elements of the external circle.

à) The sword (the knife).
Symbolizes strength. It shows that everyone could be strong but that being such he might some time commit a crime, and being an inexperienced soul he might resort to violence.
It also symbolizes one's youth energies. The young man thinks that he is allowed to do everything and that he can do, as he likes without considering the consequences.
Strength should be in the muscles, in the reason, or in the heart. Without it one can do nothing. Thus having some strength in him and, living and working with people, one will make a mistake and he will be sufferings-stricken for it. He should learn to endure them patiently.

b) The glass.
On the strength of the karma law, a man who has committed violence has to suffer what he deserves. The glass symbolizes that. Passing through the sufferings he will acquire precious experience. The glass resembles to a flower, which will become later a good fruit.

â) The book.
Having drunk the bitter contents of the glass, one finds the open book from which he can learn why he is suffering and he begins to study the spiritual science. He finds in it the laws of nature and life and begins to apply them in order to avoid more mistakes and sufferings. Thus he acquires light and his life becomes reasonable and conscious.

d) The candelabrum.
In order to read from the book of life one needs a candelabrum. It symbolizes human reason, which shows what is written in the book of nature. With the help of this light one can attain the greatness of the Divine plan that leads him from the darkness towards the light, from slavery to freedom, from the ordinary to the perfect, from sin to purity, and from ignorance to knowledge.
The candelabrum with the candle is the sun that illuminates human reason and makes him think constantly.

e) The scepter.
When reading the book and studying the principles and laws of nature one acquires enlightenment and he aspires to take hold of himself, to become one's master. He has thus attained the law of Justice and he should not give in. In the hands of the enlightened the scepter becomes a medium with which one can guide some natural and psychic powers for the welfare of humanity. With this picture ends the way of the worldly man, the external education in his life. Its overcoming is a preparation to start on the road of the disciple. That is the internal circle.

7. The internal circle.

Symbolizes the way of the soul with the help of the five pictures that are situated on the line of the corresponding Virtues: Truth – a comfortable staircase with a door; Justice – Christ's Spirit; Love – a sheer road, leading to a narrow door; Wisdom – the eye that sees everything; and Virtue – the Tree of Life. After having passed through the external circle one is still unsatisfied and his soul looks for a deeper sense in life. He begins to work consciously over himself, about his raising and perfection and becomes a disciple of the Great School of Life (GSL). External life has so far exercised its influence on his conscience but now he takes his evolution in his hands. That is the entrance in the Divine School. The disciple begins to nourish the development of the Divine Virtues, which characterize the perfect man, passing through the five stages of self-perfection.

8. Elements of the internal circle.

à)a) A staircase with comfortable steps that leads to a door – the way from Virtue to Truth (along the blue ray)
After the external circle a new, more difficult stage of the disciple's development begins. He enters through the door of Virtue to be initiated. In the beginning the trials will be easier (like comfortable steps), but necessary. If, during some trouble, the disciple loses his peace of mind, if he does not help the human beings suffering nearby – he has failed on the trial. During this phase of one's development the dawning of the Truth begins. That is the beginning of the God knowledge. The disciple feels an impulse to follow the way of God.

b) Christ's Spirit – Justice (along the green ray)
“Truth is the head of Your Word” – that is Christ's Spirit, which the disciple inevitably reaches to in his development. He is guided then by inside. The disciple starts changing gradually and enters naturally the road of Justice and Equity. He seeks to be just to everybody and to everything.
In the colored Pentagram, on the top, is portrayed the Master, with outstretched arms, blessing everybody. Many centuries the disciple's soul seeks to meet his Master, to know him and to enter his School in order to learn. He becomes a disciple of the Universal White Brotherhood, which head is Jesus Christ.

c) a sheer road, leading to a narrow door – Love (the pink ray)
When passing through the trials of Justice, the disciple reaches to a very narrow door. It symbolizes the renunciation of the worldly life. He has to pass through it and to begin working for God. Then the internal, mystical trials begin for the disciple (to come to love his enemy, to surmount enormous trials like Job etc.)

d) the eye – Wisdom (along the yellow ray)
The eye is the Divine Spirit that will teach the disciple how to understand Divine Truth. The gates of Divine knowledge begin to open. The disciple already knows why God has arranged the world this way.

e) The Tree of Life – Virtue (along the white ray)
Having mastered Love and Wisdom, the disciple is standing in front of the Tree of Life. New life is already giving its fruit. The disciple starts a deep, internal life and allows full manifestation to his virtues. He reaches the culmination of his life – service of God, and he begins to live entirely in accordance with the Master's order: “ Come to love the perfect road of Truth and Life. Make of good the foundation of your home, of Justice – a measure, of Love – a jewel, of Wisdom – an enclosure, and of Truth – a luminary. Then only you will know me and I will appear before you.”

9. The center of the Pentagram.
After having covered the external and the internal circle, the disciple wishes to fuse with God – the last task of his evolution. He enters the Divine center of the Pentagram, where the road once more is illustrated with pictures: two interlaced snakes, a circle, a cross and semi-circle opened upside. It is necessary once again to pass through five trials.
The snake is the adversary - the enemy that he should come to love in order to win. The two interlaced snakes show that the disciple is struggling with his inferior nature – with the evil in himself. He can win it with the help of Wisdom and he can pass through the cross – the complete selflessness. They also symbolize one's two vital channels through which flows and rises the vital energy towards Glasus Pineali (the third eye), represented by the swastika. The circle symbolizes the Divine harmony, which every one of the disciples should reach; the semi-circle – human soul, combining in itself all main virtues and set off for God.
Passing through the center of the Pentagram is a way of complete self-denial – devotion to God's deed, service to humanity. Here one can achieve the superior manifestations of Love. During this phase of development the disciple passes through the most dreadful and difficult trials.

10. The letters round the Pentagram.

They are: G, S, L
The letter “G” is the symbol of our God Jesus Christ, leader of Heaven. The letter “S” is the symbol of our God Jesus Christ, Master and Savior.
The letter “L” is the symbol of the diarchy of our God Jesus Christ, equality between worldly and spiritual power.
Put together, these letters mean: “Great School of Life”. There is another significance too: “Leader and Master of Life”.

11. The numbers in the Pentagram.

In the Pentagram, between the cathetuses and the obtuse angles, are formed five small isosceles triangles in which there is written a number. Number 1 is on the apex, near the Truth over which is the bright blue color – the color of the spiritual man. If one allows in his mind, in his heart or in his will some lie, he turns the Pentagram its top downwards and goes towards Hell, losing the bright blue color and acquiring the black color. Number 2 is on the apex of Love, where the bright pink color is, that influences the heart and the lungs. When one violates the principle of Love – he falls ill of heart, tuberculosis or a mental disorder. Number 3 is at the apex of Wisdom, where the bright yellow color is, that influences mind. When one violates the principle of Wisdom and desists from God, a great struggle takes place in his soul. Two equal by their strength but opposite by their nature thoughts are struggling. The result is that one goes mad. Number 4 is at the apex of Virtue, where the white color is, that symbolizes the legs and the body. When one violates the principle of Virtue, his physical activity is blocked. Number 5 is at the apex of Justice, where the bright green color is, that influences the gall, the liver and the hands. If one violates the rigorous law of Justice these organs fall ill.

12. Formulae of the Pentagram.

à) Formula written around the Pentagram
“In the accomplishment of God's will is the strength of human soul.”
b) Formula of the internal circle (invisible)
"For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son so that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life."
c) Formula in the center of the Pentagram (invisible)
“Look first for the Kingdom of God and his Justice and everything else will be added (will be given to you).”

13. Signature of the Master.

The colored Pentagram is signed by the Master.

14. Spiritual activity with the Pentagram.

When these five principles are alive in man, he fuses with the Divine world and becomes one conscious monad, which already knows how to work for the evolution with full consciousness and deep knowledge of Divine laws. When the disciple wants to manifest some virtue better, he places the Pentagram horizontally and points in front the corresponding angle. The Pentagram revives and his energies flow through this virtue with great power. Then he says the appropriate formula for the occasion:
“In the accomplishment of God's will through Love is the strength of human soul”
(3 times)
“In the accomplishment of God's will through Wisdom is the strength of human soul” (3 times)
“In the accomplishment of God's will through Truth is the strength of human soul”
(3 times)
“In the accomplishment of God's will through Justice is the strength of human soul” (3 times)
“In the accomplishment of God's will through Virtue is the strength of human soul” (3 times)
When the disciple is in danger he must imagine that he holds the Pentagram in front of himself, having taken with his right hand the Justice and with his left hand the Truth. Then he has to point the Wisdom in front towards the object that threatens him saying:
“In the name of our God Jesus Christ, we pray the Lord of powers to become agreeable before His eyes.”
It is absolutely forbidden to turn the Pentagram two apexes upwards or to use it for doing evil (black magic). Its energies turn then against that who used it with this purpose.

15. Recommendation of the Master how to use the Pentagram.

“You should study often this picture and reason over its symbols. The five stages symbolize a road that is difficult to follow because it is not a way of using big words but it is a “vital activity” of permanent creation. That namely is the way of Christ. Don't forget that the words written around the Pentagram are very important to you.

16. The Pentagram in Paneurhythmy.

The Pentagram is the last part of Paneurhythmy. The Master worked some time over it and then he gave us the movements, the melody and the text. According to him: “…When you observe a man you can see in him: the straight line that leads from his left leg to the head is Truth; from the head to the right leg is Justice; from the right leg to the left hand is Love; from the left hand to the right one is Wisdom, and from the right hand to the left leg is Virtue.” These thoughts of his are in the basis of Paneurhythmy' Pentagram.