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The lectures by the Master Beinsa Douno contain much
concrete knowledge for man as cosmic being, the world 
of the soul, methods for perfection and development of
the consciousness, methods for healing which are 
included today in the term "holistic healing."
The following exposition views man, drawn as a creation of 
cosmic forces and subtle energies penetrating the material 
The second part presents some of the methods, 
rules and formulas, taken from lectures 
by the Master.

Dr. Svetla Baltova - Compiler, 2001

For information:

The Master Peter Deunov
In the kingdom
of living nature
117 p.
Edition "Bialo Bratstvo"


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Editions Tredaniel et le Courrier du Livre - (COURRIER DU LIVRE )

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Peter Danov
Damit sie das leben haben
238 p.
Angelov Edition, 2000
Georg Diel-Angelov
Hermesdorferstr. 18
12627 Berlin - Hellersdorf

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