Films about the Master and Paneurhyhtmy

download The Wellspring Brief Introduction of the Teaching of Peter Deunov (in Bulgarian). 12min.
download Let there be Light, Part 1 Video Concert. 50 min.
download Let there be Light, Part 2 Video Concert. 39 min.
download Love is a Wellspring
Film about the Teaching of the Universal Brotherhood in Bulgaria and France (in Bulgarian). 54 min.
download Concert Brotherhood-Unity.
Video Recording of the Concert of Choirs from Bulgaria and France.
download Prayer for the Humankind Video Film (in Bulgarian). 37 min.
download Paneurhythmy for Children the Paneurhythmy Center (in Bulgarian).17 min.
download Paneurhythmy for Children Songs of the Sun (in Bulgarian). 34 min.
download How I Found the Master (Namirane in Bulgarian) - 42 min
download Izgrev - Documentary Film with the Master Beinsa Douno - 45 min
download Life is a Parable
Documentary Film about the Master Beinsa Douno and his Teaching (in Bulgarian). 70min.
download Beautiful Life - Musical Film (in English) - 62 min.
download Living Power - Musical Film (in English) - 50 min.
download Along the Path of Light - Beinsa Douno dedicated film (in English).
download Paneurhythmy - Live at Rila (in English) - 62 min.