Rules of spiritual agriculture
(according to the practical experience of one of the Master's followers)

1. For a week you hqve to send Divine thoughts towards the place where you will sow.
2. 24 hours before you start sowing you have to put the seeds into a vessel with sun warmed water.
3. Let play into you room for spiritual work some of the Master's music and put the vessel near to the cassette player.
4. When the concert has finished try to concentrate your thought and to enter in contact with the spiritual power of the seeds (with their spiritual potential). Wish them to accomplish the Divine task.
5. When you arrive to the place where you will sow, go to its eastern part, your face turned to the field and say: “Our father”, “The good prayer” and the formula: “Our kind Master, guide me!”
6. Enter the field you will sow from the east side. Start going with your right leg.
7. If you sow in clusters, their number should be, if possible, divisible by 12 or 6.
8. If you sow in beds or in rows their number could be divisible by 3, too.
9. The number of the clusters or of the vegetables sowed in rows (or in the beds) should be 6 or 12.
10. The number of seeds you will sow in a cluster could be 3, 6 or 12.
11. If you plant 3 seeds, arrange them in a triangle, its apex turned to the east. After that describe with your thumb (or with your hand) a cercle around the seeds.
12. If you sow 6 seeds, arrange them to form a pentagon ( a seed on each apex = 5) and one in the middle. After that describe a cercle around them.
13. If you sow 12 seeds, set them in order to form a pentagon and describe over the soil a cercle around them.
14. The enclosure into a cercle begins always from an apex of the pentagon or of the triangle and goes counter-clockwise. Say the formula: “ Human soul's strength is in the accomplishment of God's will”
15. Then cover the seeds with fine soil. Try not to disarrange them. Observe the agricole rules concerning the thickness and the weight of the soil layer which covers the seeds.
16. Irrigate the seeds with sun warmed water.
17. Enclose the sowed field, beginning by the east side. Begin walking with the right leg counter-clockwise. Say 12 times the formula: “Human soul's strength is in the accomplishment of God's will”
18. When you have enclosed the field, go to the east side and sing: “Give, Give”. Say the prayer: “Our father” and then move away from the field, starting with the right leg.
19. When you sow, take into consideration the moon phases. (Consult with the moon calendars concerning gardeners for the correspondent year).
20. During the growth send the appropriate thoughts to create favourable conditions (moisture, sun, protection against frost, hail etc.).