Meaning of some songs

This song is for harmonizing and healing it regulates the streams of the forces in the human body, put it in harmony with the nature. The words are in an old divine language, they could not be translated literally. Approximate translation is "Without fear and without darkness"
Fir-fur is that which leads man, and fen is that which removes the handicaps, cleans. Tao is that which surrounds, keeps the man as an environment he is immersed in. Tao means the Absolute, Not manifested, Infinite. Bi that which manifests itself. Aumen means all qualities that contain the Divine all that should grow and manifest itself in its integrity.

This exercise should be kept divine by the man within himself. It was taken from an old divine song. When a man sings divine songs, he should open his soul as a flower in front of light of the invisible world, to take the position and the status of pure careless child without fear from the surrounding people. In such condition he will merge with .
Creatures of Intelligent world and only in this way he will recognize what is music, what is singing, what is science. If you are sad, ill, if you are in bad spirits, pronounce this word several times. Aum is a word of Spirit. If you sing this word out in His language He will understand you and will help you.

Bahar Benu Aba
Disciple pray
This exercise should be sung with concentration, with expression and mildness.
Mahar means the Great, Benu He, who blesses.
Aba Father of everything.
Mahar is the most pleasant place where you may serve.
Benu is the most pleasant high place you may climb.
Aba is the most pleasant plain place where you may work and live.

Neva Sanzu
The Cry of the adept
The words are in an old divine language. Neva Sanzu shows a spiritual way, that is not smooth, without handicaps. Here a man have to climb down from an eminence to valley in order to solve some difficult problem of life. It is among the songs of adepts, which sort of music is created long before the present music.

Kiamet Zenu
Kiamet Zenu means to enter in a beautiful place as beautiful that you wonder where to stop your eyes firstly.
The word Kiamet means the Great in life, that is hidden in the Time and Space. It represents the beginning of the things, that gives impetus to creation. It means also the power, which helps a man to fight for to beat the restriction and to start the revival.

The internal voice of God
The text is in an old divine language. When singing with concentration, with mystic becoming deeply absorbed then one can reach the internal illumination and to penetrate intuitively itself of the power and meaning of the words.

One Eternal truth that is God of Love
The text is in an old divine language. It says about the first Great Soul that brings Love. This song should be performed as a meditation, with concentration and with mystic deep absorption.

Bright forces march
March of the victory of the bright forces in the live nature, that advance with its characteristic rhythm. Under the influence of this rhythm man can connect with these forces, to elevate itself to its world.

I am a stranger in this world
This song is a pray of the Teacher, who was "Stranger in this world". Being a stranger for everybody in the world and for every earthly thing He knew only God.
He sent His hope only to Him as his pray. And God accepted this pray.