About the music

The people have not explored yet the philosophical side of music and do not understand its nature and meaning. The greatest, the most profound and the largest science of life is music. Only when people find out and explore the power and the laws of music and apply them in their lives, their proper development and perfection will begin. The highest powers and the most sensible laws of nature become evident through music. Every single tone represents a unity of many harmonically acting powers which affect the thoughts, the feelings, the pursuits and the acts of people.
If the people only knew the nature of the powers revealed in a definite tone and could understand the strength of their influence over the people's psychic, they would know how to compose their songs intentionally and would be able to achieve amazing results in their lives. Then the songs and the music plays would be composed for a definite purpose and the results that every single song or play could bring would be known in advance. And thus when the target and the purpose is known, it will be easy to define if the song is going to be minor or major scale. And if one song starts with C, people will know why the next tone must be taken in second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and so on. It will be also known what exactly the continuance of every tone must be in order the desired result to be achieved. The modern musicians are trying on the basis of the forms and rules that are already established in music to achieve melody and harmony in their compositions only, but this is not enough. In addition to all the past and present achievements in the sphere of music, a new content, objective and sense have to be put in. And this can only be achieved when people stop to consider music only entertainment and enjoyment but accept it as a great creative power in nature and life. New understanding and new knowledge for music and its elements is needed. It is not enough to know the exact number of the vibrations of a definite tone in order the tone to differ from the other tones, but it is important to know for example that the tone C has a relation to the vital power of nature and when a person listens to that tone, he or she relates to that power, the tone D has a relation to the human individuality and when a person listens to that tone, the individual consciousness is awoken deep within him or her. The G tone awakens in people elevated pursuits and longings for the Great in life, the A tone gives breadth of human consciousness and a scope for broadness of human mind and the B tone has a relation to human senses. Only when people become familiar with this deep and large music science and its great meaning in nature and human life, then it is going to be applied for educational and medical purposes. However until the present moment none of the European nations has realized the great meaning of music and has not yet applied it in education. People who have too narrow contracted views and a mechanical thought caused by monotonous thinking consider such ideas of music hallucination and fabrication but it must well understood that the hallucinations and the fabrication is something that exists only for stupid people while the sensible people have no hallucinations. Hallucination represents a shadow of reality. I know the shadow - no man can pick up fruit from shadow while the real tree gives fruits. People always lose when they have hallucination while they win when living in reality.