The followers of the Universal White Brotherhood are called brothers 
and sisters.Part of their life is connected with communities, fraternally 
dinners, climbing up mountains, annually fraternally meetings ( conventions),
meeting the sunrise, feasts in landscape etc.

Climbing up mountains
Annual fraternally meetings (conventions)
Meeting the sunrise
Feasts in Nature
Reference for important dates and events

Communities This is mutual fraternally life, that is connected with unity of the Spirit and unity of working for the Entity. The laws of Love and Freedom are kept.

Climbing up mountains When a soul is awaken up from the deep sleep into the material world, it always directs its view up, the heights of the Spirit. The mountain is emblem of the wakening human soul and in the same time it is a symbol of the Divine World, holy place, where man mounts to get power and light for his earthly path.The question is not only the external climbing up the heights. Climbing up implies an internal movement by analogy to the external. The best Speaches of the Master are given on the mountain. It is symbol of the Path of the follower. This is a path where he overcomes the inertia of the matter, develops the superior power of his nature, enlarges the horizon of his thought, of his ideas and achieves the purity of his heart.

Annual fraternally meetings (conventions) These are bright feasts for the followers. The conventions take place on certain days, almost always among the nature. These are days of studying, applying, and work, days of harmony and light, recollection for the bright Divine motherland of the human soul. The days of the convention are time when the laborers of the Brotherhood from the Heaven and earth are meeting for united work. These conventions feed up the follower a whole year,give him power to overcome all handicaps and to solve all tasks that stay before him.

Meeting the sunrise This is the divine tradition of the Universe White Bortherhood. Meeting the sunrise is healthful for the physical and spiritual life of the man. It is not only an external act. A man has to be in that internal disposition of his soul in order to accept the power that the sun abundantly gives out.It is a symbol The meeting of the sun is healthful for the man's physical and spiritual life. It is not only an external act. The man has to have that internal disposition of his soul in order to accept the power that the sun gives out abundantly. It is a symbol of the Divine life, which always rises up in the human soul.

Feasts in Nature In order to get in touch with the great Universal life, in order to feel ourselves as citizens of the whole Universe, to feel the rhythm of the Nature, the Master turns our attention to the important moments of its life. He says: " The Nature is for us something great not only in its structure but also in that intelligence and wit that it manifests." Important moments of the Nature life are spring and autumn equinoxes , summer and winter sun posture. Spring equinox on March 21 is of special significance because there are new forces entering in life of Nature. That is because from the point of view of astronomy March 22 could be taken as a beginning of a new period of creating in nature's life.The beginning of the spring is celebrated as a symbol of that spring in human soul and human culture that a man is longing for and that he is awaiting as his bright dream.The feasts of the summer sun posture June 21 the longest day is another important moment in the life of nature. Then there is changing of the forces that are operating within it.The autumn equinox September 22 is important as a new change,change that is valid of all nature kingdoms.The winter sun posture December 22 is important because since then the day start to grow and new forces began to throng. Man has to know these moments and to consider them in his external and internal work.There is a correspondence between that which is going outside in the external nature and that that is going in human soul. That is because the life is one, united and indivisible.

Reference for important dates and events
September 22  Beginning of the school year
		Wednesday  General Ocult class
		Friday  Youth class
		Sunday  Sunday lectures			
		A Paneurythmy is played for the last time

December 27	The Master finishes his earthly path

March 22	Beginning of the Spiritual year
		First day of the spring
		A Paneurythmy is played for the first time	

July  12	St. Peter's day.The Master's birth date 

August 19,20,21	Beginning of the Divine Year
	Feast of the creatures from the Solar system

December 22,
March 22	-Mount Mussala climbing up ( 2925 m)
June 22,
September 22

Conventions The last Friday, Saturday, Sunday of May Youth convention Madara Chalet (Madara Horseman complex) program: - sunrise meeting - Paneurythmy - Subject lectures music, nutrition, health and others. - evening - concert
Madara plateau

Convention in fraternal garden in the town of Aytos. Saturday and Sunday closest to July 12 program: - meeting the sunrise - Paneurythmy - Lectures, talks Convention near the seven lakes in Rila mountain August July 20 - Preparation of the camp Aug. 19,20,21 convention days Aug. 25 closing the camp program: - meeting the sunrise - at 10 - Paneurythmy - excursions, talks, courses -concert - evening prayer

rila The seven Rila lakes