According to the Master Petar Danov, after the point of view he adopted, it is not correct to say that God created the world, or that God created the man. In fact, the Divine World has always existed. It is reflected in 4 worlds – material, astral, mental and causal, which manifest themselves consecutively. They are called worlds of change. In the physical world the law of evolution operates and man perfects himself, and in the astral – the involution operates and man prepares himself to be born anew.

 1. The Master's Interpretation of the World Creation Tale.

Every day has its destination. But people, not understanding this, don't realize the true signification of the days in human life. For example, the first day God said:”Let be daylight, and God saw that the daylight was good. And the night came, and the dawn came – first day.” This is the Sunday – the day of the light.
On the second day God separated the water from the water, i.e. he separated the higher life from the lower life, because as I said water is the emblem of life. God created the firmament as a boundary between these two lives and as the evolution of the second day has been not completed, God did not judge on it. And the night came, and the dawn came – second day.
On the third day God ordered to the water, which was under the sky, i.e. the lower life, to gather in a place and to appear the land, which is the emblem of human brain and human reason, and God called the gathered water sea, and the land – earth. And God saw that it was good, and that's why he told the earth to produce all kinds of plants inferring to appear all good thoughts in the world. And the night came, and the dawn came – third day.
And on the fourth day God ordered two big luminaries to appear above the firmament of the sky to separate the day and the night. Thus he inferred: the first luminary, the big one, was the brain; the second was the heart, through which man makes difference between good and evil, i.e. he distinguishes one condition from another. And so the fourth day is the one when the conditions had to be created for the development of human reason and human heart. And God created all the stars, which designate all the forces in human life. He put them on the firmament of the sky, which is, he infers, the human soul, to illuminate the earth together with the big luminary – the reason, and the small luminary – the heart, to govern over the day and the night and to separate the light and the darkness. And God saw that it was good; and the night came, and the dawn came – fourth day.
And God said on the fifth day the water to produce animate brutes, and birds to fly above the earth beneath the firmament of the sky, and they designate all the cravings and aspirations of human life. And, as this gave direction and signification of human development on the earth, God saw that it was good, and blessed them to propagate and multiply. And the night came, and the dawn came – fifth day. On the sixth day God decided to create the man, i.e. the reasonable, after his own image and likeness, to govern over the fish in the sea – his earthly desires. To govern over the birds in the sky – his thoughts; over the beasts of the whole world – i.e. his impulses; and over all the brutes, which creep on the earth, i.e. his passions, which creep in his mind. And then God inspired his breath into his creation, gave him a reasonable soul, as to know God in all his ways and to work and act as God himself does. And on the seventh day God took a rest. It means that the seventh day is the day of the good, a day in which God began to show his Love toward man.

2. The Master's Interpretation of the Link between the Qualities which Man has to Show in his Life and the Cycles of the World's Creation.

When you read the first chapter of the Bible in which there is talk about the creation of the world, you can find out the way which human soul has to follow.
Honour the first day – day of your spirit, day in which the light appeared.
Honour the second day – day of your soul, day in which Love appeared.
Honour the third day – day of your mind, day in which knowledge appeared.
Honour the fourth day – day of your heart, day in which conscious life appeared.
Honour the fifth day – day of your will, day of your strenth, which came to help you.
Honour the sixth day – day of the everlasting Speech, which illuminated you and put a Lord on your destiny.
Honour the seventh day – day of God, the Eternal Beginning of everything – day of Nature, from which everyone should learn – day of your rest, when you serve all the virtues.

3. The Master's Interpretation of the First Line from the First Chapter of St John's Gospel.

“In the beginning there was the Speech, and the Speech was in God, and the Speech was God.” According to the Master's interpretation in this line is encoded the knowledge about the creation of the world. In contemporary language the line means:”Manifestation, relation and cause.”
“In the beginning there was the Speech…” – this is the manifestation of the world, its expansion. The Speech is the principle, which creates all the visible and invisible substance, and through which God manifests himself in the physical world.
“…And the Speech was in God…” – this is the relaion between things, the unity, the harmony in the world's creation. The matter is unitary, and the forms are interrelated. All existence is product of the Divine Speech and is related according to the laws of evolution with another one.
“…And the Speech was God.” – this is the Cause of things, the Prime Source, the Unknown origin of the world. Peoples call it in different ways: God, Lord, Jehovah, Mahomet, Buddha, Jesus etc.